Inclusive Access 22 with OPEN BOOK | Disability Awareness Month

The able-body world speaks about disabilities, for disabilities, but often doesn’t allow those who experience it to speak for themselves; projects like these are where the change starts. 

Disability Awareness Month is about representation and equality. Disabilities don’t discriminate, it affects every race, religion, sex and age, yet the conversation is not there. The importance of Disability Awareness Month is to showcase the exceptional people doing things within their local community. By having these conversations, we can change the perception of those around us.

OPEN BOOK is a platform that looks to highlight and celebrate the individuals that have overcome huge hurdles in the face of adversity. The platform was set up in early 2020, by Kris Foster and James Horwitz as a safe yet progressive space to facilitate global conversations. Kris narrates these stories, and we are now there to share them in their first live event alongside a host of incredible individuals.

For Footpatrol, we feel this is a topic of conversation that isn’t spoken about enough. When we met with OPEN BOOK, we were taken aback by some things they said. So much so that we wanted to support and help normalise the conversation around disabilities within the footwear community. 

As we look to continue our approach to a more supportive, uplifting and inclusive community. That focuses on the support of others as opposed to a product. Alongside our partners, design practice, Two Times Elliott, we want to introduce to you some of those people, like many, who strive for greatness within their own space. Whether that’s through their own experiences or through the support they offer others, we would like to provide the stage for those striving to make a difference in hopes we can inspire at least one person.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon with a live event!

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