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05.08.22 Frequent Players

With the House of St Barnabas Summer Festival this weekend, we continue to shine a light on those taking part in this weekends festivities. Next up is a name that needs no introduction! Growing up surrounded by music, Jamie Rodigan is the son of legendary radio broadcaster Sir David “Ram Jam” Rodigan who, with thanks to his dad, grow up with a love of reggae.

Once again providing one of his thoughtful and energetic sets to the House of St Barnabas Summer Festival, we sat down with Jamie Rodigan to learn more about his upbringing, his journey through music and of course, he provided Frequent Players with a mix to get us ready for the weekend!

Footpatrol: Hey Jamie ! I just want to start the interview by asking how are you?

Jamie Rodigan: All good thanks!

FP: For people who don’t know how you are and what you do, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

JR: I am a DJ, label owner and ½ of production duo Crate Classics. I host a monthly radio show on Why Now Radio and play clubs and festivals dates across the world.

FP: When was the first time you realised that you wanted to become a musician?

JR: From quite a young age, probably around 8. I studied piano from then and gradually started to learn other instruments.

FP: When did you first start producing music?

JR: At school we had a room with a computer in the music department and it had Cubase on there. I taught myself how to use the basics. I must have been around 14/15. Then I got a copy of Fruity Loops and I was hooked!

FP: How does it feel to be a Grammy nominated Billboard producer? 

JR: Pretty surreal. As a youth I was into underground music – Dancehall, Jungle, Garage etc and I never paid much attention to pop music or accolades. So it’s a nice feeling to be recognised for the work you’ve done in your field especially when it hits mainstream markets.

FP: Could you tell us a little bit about the work you do for ‘Whynowworld’? 

JR: I host a monthly show called Jamie Rodigan’s Soundsystem Show. We have a great team of like minded souls deeply into arts & culture. It’s a great platform where I get to share the music I love.

FP: You also have your own record label too right, how did that come about?

JR: Yes, I run Crate Classics Records with Aaron Horn. We started the label 4 years ago and have been steadily building up a catalogue of music and an extended family of artists including Jodian Natty, Pesolife & Trés.

FP: What advice would you give to young people trying to make it in the music industry?

JR: Firstly educate yourself as much as you can around not only music itself but also business practices. Stay true to yourself and your sound. Seek out like minded creatives and build a network around you. And most importantly, don’t give up!

FP: To finish off we would like to thank you so much for the interview. Is there anything you would like to share with the Footpatrol friends and family? That could be anything from getting people excited about something, a message of positivity, whatever you like.

JR: Big up the Footpatrol family and look out for the new Crate Classics single “Rudeboy Sound” ft Jodian Natty dropping August 25th 2022.

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