Frequent Players Guest Mix 049 | Crash Tracy

22.02.24 Frequent Players

Our Frequent Players platform continues to grow and shine a light on musicians and DJ’s who are cemented within our community. This week, we catch up with Crash Tracy. Based over in East London, Crash Tracy is not only a part of the Gimmie 5 family, who of course we’re very familiar with, but also a DJ and music manager.

Working with a number of collectives like Morning After Night Before, Bone Soda and of course NTS, Crash Tracy has become a well known figure within the community. And now, we’ve enlisted his help for Guest Mix 49. Check it out below as we catch up to learn more about his journey growing up and where he’s found inspiration and drive going forward.

Footpatrol: Hey Pierre, Hope you’re well, Thank you for taking the time to chat to us, can you start by telling us a bit about yourself and what it is you do? 

CT: I’m a DJ & Music manager from east London. I have DJ’d properly for around 3 years and manage the musician Jawnino. I work with Gimme 5 while also putting on events with a few friends under my collective Morning After Night Before, alongside Hosting the Bone Soda NTS show. 

FP: Can you tell us about your earliest memories, what people or even music have most inspired you?

CT: Growing up in London Grime and rap music has been something that’s always been around me. My Mum used to listen to a lot of funky house and garage music. No one has really inspired me, I’ve just always been drawn to music and I’ve always wanted to find a way to make it part of what I do. 

FP: Can you tell us more about what you’re studying at the moment? How does cultural and creative processes play in shaping today’s world and has it helped you to develop your critical thinking in practical ways?

CT: I’m not currently studying anything new to be honest I’ve been taking it easy, I’d like to give a crack at making music soon though. I find that having access to information so easily makes me want to try my hand at different things even if I’m good at it or not. 

FP: From Know Wave to NTS and Bone Soda, can you tell us more about your relationships with these collectives, and just how important creative communities like these help current and emerging talents?

CT: I used to host the Morning After show on Know Wave but now have it on rinse and I currently host the Bone Soda show on NTS. Platforms like this are definitely important for the community, their destinations to discover individuals with similar tastes and connect with like minded peers, while also being platforms to share ideas and to put people on.

FP: Can you tell us about “Morning After The Night Before”?

CT: Morning After Night Before is just an outlet for me and the guys to do stuff we like. Throw parties, Radio, DJ, A&R, Management, Production.

FP: What are some of your favorite venues to play? Are there any we can catch you at this year? UK or WW?

CT: Some of my favourite venues to play i’d say are Ormside, MOT, Fabric and Phonox and we’ll see…Maybe I’ll be throwing a party at one of these spots soon.

FP: Random one, why ‘Crash Tracy’?

CT: Why Not…!

FP: if YOU were a sneaker, what would you be and why?

CT: I’d be an adidas superstar, It’s just a legendary shoe  

FP: Are there any specific artists or genres you’re currently feeling and think more people should be listening to this year?

CT: I think folks should go listen to Jawnino, A.S.O, B4U, Loukeman, Paris texas and Karrahooo

FP: Again, thank you for taking the time to chat with us Pierre, and if there are any people you think need more time on the radar or any other shoutouts you’d like to give, by all means fire away! And we look forward to seeing what you have coming in 24 and beyond! 

CT: Shouts out those alwaysdowhatyoushoulddo guys there the truth.

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