Frequent Players Guest Mix 033 | Pacemaker

09.12.22 Frequent Players

We continue our Frequent Players series by shedding light on some younger faces in the scene. Rowan Pacey who goes by name of Pacemaker is next in our eclectic line up. Entering the scene with a bang, her uptempo beats and techno vibes have helped her create her own lane in music that knows how to tantalise those senses.

Surrounded by musical influences her whole life, music has always formed an instrumental part of her identity. Now fresh out of University and taking the centre stage, she now takes the decks as a fresh faced female killing it in the DJ game.

Check out the mix below!

Footpatrol: Hey Rowan, it was lovely to meet you at the shoot earlier on today! We would like to start all of our interviews with a simple question of how are you?

Rowan: Lovely to meet you guys too. Thanks for coming over. A simple but very important question! I am good, enjoying life. Feeling grateful to have so many amazing people around me.

FP: For people who don’t know who you are and what you do, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Rowan: My name is pacemaker! My actual name is Rowan Pacey. When I was 15 I told my mate, “when I learn to DJ my name will be pacemaker” and here we are. I try not to take myself too seriously otherwise life gets boring!

FP: Can you tell us a bit more about your journey, when did your love for DJing first start for you?  

Rowan: I think I have to give my Dad some credit for my love of DJing – he’s a bit of a party animal. When I was younger, he had a section of our garage designated to his turntables and records. He used to run an old school hip hop radio show with his friends. As a child it was kind of surreal seeing all these middle aged bald men in my house, playing super loud hip hop. The first time I actually had a real interest in DJing, I was about 13. My older sister was playing a jungle tune in the car. I remember being mind blown. Once I got to about 16, I started going out. That was the breaking point for me. I was like I neeeeed to do this. 

FP: You also have a shared love for fashion, through your chosen university degree at University of the Arts London, in your opinion, how do you feel like the fashion and music world collide with one another? 

Rowan: Fashion is all about identity and expression, exactly like music. The fashion and music worlds are always influencing one another and go hand in hand.

FP: Do you think that there is female representation for women like yourself in the DJ industry? 

Rowan: Hell yeah. There’s some sick female DJs right now but there could always be more. I feel like we need to see more all female lineups!!!! Women should be shown from a young age that you can make a career out of music. The people around me that helped me learn to DJ are all men. Giving young women the same sense of confidence in music as men, is so important. 

FP: How does your style and genre of music affect the venues you play at, and have you got a favourite place to play? 

Rowan: I’ve played in all sorts of venues! My gigs vary at the minute as I’m just trying to say yes to anything. I would say I’ve played the most in the SE London venue, Corsica Studios. I definitely have a soft spot for there. The security are friendly and the soundsystem bangs! 

FP: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Rowan: Hopefully happy and with some gigs up north – the motherland. I want to start teaching women how to DJ and possibly, maybe even a record label / collective. Top of the list is to get some bookings with my DJ other half & best mate, Clara. We go by Clarified Pace!

FP: As a young DJ yourself, what advice would you give to someone starting out in the industry?

Rowan: The things that are working for me are putting myself out there and never being shy to ask. You have to big yourself up! No one else will do it for you. The best piece of advice my mum gave me is you don’t ask – you don’t get. Tell the people you meet that you DJ! At the start, say yes to everything (within reason) and you can figure out what kind of a DJ you are 🙂 

FP: Before we let you go! Rowan, we like to ask our guests if they have anything they would like to share with the Footpatrol community and readers. Whether that’s something to get people gassed about or just a general message of positivity it’s up to you?

Rowan: Shameless plug of the insta of course @rowan.pacey and tell ur friends u love them <3

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