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30.10.20 Frequent Players

From a long lasting breakfast show on Rinse FM, to music production and travelling the world playing his sound, born and bred London DJ, Scratcha DVA is a household name within the capital’s underground scene.

After years of grafting hard and perfecting his skills both in the studio and behind the decks, Scratcha has shaped his sound to what has become a hugely diverse mix of genres from Grime, UK Funky and much more. 

For the launch of our collaboration with adidas Originals we wanted to give you that Friday feeling with an exclusive interview and mix from Scratcha DVA. Take a listen and read to what he has to say about his music, influences and more!

Footpatrol: We are here with Scratcha DVA! It’s great to have you here man, how are you?

Scratcha DVA: Am gd fanx. As gd as i cn b atm relly. Stayin productive, positive and viable lol.

FP: Lets jump straight into it. You have been DJing and producing music for quite some time now could you tell us where this passion for music began?

Scratcha DVA: Iv always luvd music ca growin up as a kid in my household u cdnt escape it. But I guess the passion 2pursue it cum frm wen I startd 2get my own ideas of sounds i wntd 2make an mix 2gether and then actully bein able 2do tht in a recording studio.

FP: Did you see this career path taking off the way it has for you?

Scratcha DVA: Yes. I dnt fink iv eva fort 1nce tht I wdnt make sum type of mark or impact w music. Dere r stil so many more fings i wna do in music and w music but iv neva doubted this as a career path. So Rishi Sunak cn fkoff.

FP: When it comes to your friends, family and community do you find that they have helped influence your career?

Scratcha DVA: So many diffrent fings hav influenced my career and sound over tym but growin up I had older bros and a sister who got 2xperience the rave scene. So frm erly they wer indirectly puttin me on2 music which wsnt jus avail on top of the pops an stuff like jungle, acid house an techno via tapes, flyers and pirate radio stns. 

FP: What about the mix you have done for us, how was it putting it together?

Scratcha DVA: U kno wt it ws intresting ca iv been collecting alot of new music but deres been less need 2get on the dex and figure out sets as we havnt been in the clubs.

So it ws intrestin findin ways 2collab all the new stuff i been sourcing online w the loads of music iv been making since covid.

FP: One of the things we love about your music is the use of organic sounds you find out and about. I remember watching your Lost & Found episode on Noisey and thought it was such an interesting way to create an individualistic sound. What brought you to try this method?

Scratcha DVA: I use tht method alot less dese days but jus bein lucky enuff 2travel 2diff cities an record sounds frm places and landmarks 2thn bring it bk an make it fit in2 a work in progress. 

Scratcha DVA: Also hearing certain recordings in my trax cn bring up mental notes of places iv been. 

FP: So what kicked things off for you within your music career, was it producing or DJing?

Scratcha DVA: Am a producer 1st and DJn is fun but iss jus always been a by product of my passion which is creating music. So in 2009 wen i startd 2regularly release eps on vinyl on my own label and then Hyperdub Records in 2010 the DJn part bcum automatic. Up til tht point i had playd sum events but ws more DJn the radio circuit.

FP: Did you ever have anyone you looked up within the industry when you started?

Scratcha DVA: Wen i startd out i always saw Goldie & Roni Size as the pinnacle of wt u cud do w underground music. As i got older and in2 other electronic genres i saw new achievable heights but ye in the beginin Goldie definatly. Ca 1minit am listenin 2the Timeless album which is amazin and hed b travellin the world then nxt minit hes on Eastenders jus doin stuff in albert square.

FP: You also had a Rinse FM show do you think having been able to work on this platform helped elevate your sound?

Scratcha DVA: Werkin at Rinse FM as much as i did definatly helpd 2shape hw i werk 2day in my productions. Rinse ws a place wher new sounds new crews MCs, genres always cum thru the doors and alot of the tym 1st. So at tht tym i ws dere 2006 – 2012 i ws able 2hear and learn alot. I ws able 2influence havin a daily brekfast radio show and i ws also bein influencd by the radio.

FP: For any younger enthusiasts, do you have any words of wisdom you would pass on to them for encouragement?

Scratcha DVA: Work!

FP: Scratcha it’s been a pleasure to meet you! Before we let you go is there anything you want to share with the Footpatrol and Frequent Players family?

Scratcha DVA: Fanx 4the opportunity 2share and fanx caring abt the shoes on ppls feet.

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