KinKai | adidas SPZL ‘Manchester 89’

15.12.20 General

Bringing back a terrace shoe classic the adidas SPEZIAL range brings its latest rendition of the adidas Manchester 89.

Taking its inspiration from 90s Russian made Handball SPEZIALs, the adidas Manchester 89 is an instant classic with colours also paying homage to the great cities Footballing heritage. With the addition of the brands Mod Trefoil logo featured on both the tongue and heel tab.

KinKai’s presence has been growing rapidly within the UK and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. Hailing from Manchester we thought it was only right to bring Kai down to talk about his career and the launch of the adidas Manchester 89.

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Footpatrol: We are so happy to be able to welcome you Kai to the Footpatrol & Frequent players channel! How have you been? 

KinKai: Easy my guy, I’m well thanks! And thanks for having me! 

FP: Kai let’s start off with your story, what made you want to get into music and how did that journey develop to the point that it is at now? 

KinKai: Since I was young, I’ve had a uniquely creative mind, always knowing that whatever I do, I’ll become a master of it. From high school to church to family parties, music has been around me. I remember hearing all sorts of genres coming from my mums vinyl – just being observant of the energies I was hearing installed a passion in me.

In 2014 after a year in London, I came back to Manchester with KinKai added to my identity, that’s where I began to truly walk this journey. I just felt a calling to it. Its not something I was naturally gifted with, but I’ve worked hard on it for years and still continue to. Oh and the name was influence by King Kai on DBZ.

FP: Looking at listening platforms it looks like you have been using this year to really work on your sound having released your album, A Pennies Worth and most recently your latest single Better. How has it been making music during these difficult times? 

KinKai: Yeah, I set motion with the release of the project back in September ’19. A pandemic could never have stopped the ball rolling to be honest. I found the first lockdown easier to create because I’ve never had so much time to enjoy a continuous flow theory. It was divine gift in some ways but at times, it has been very tough to stay focussed.

FP: Have you found this time helpful when it comes to dedicating more time to your production and develop your skill more than you already have? 

KinKai: I have you know! Started to pick up a couple of hobbies, like running, keyboards and racing books that have made me a little open minded I guess! I also started a foundation ‘The Salone Empowerment Project’ which focussed on the heritage and well being of Sierra Leonians, especially within the UK.

FP: Have you had the opportunity to do any form of live performance for the release of the album or is that still yet to come for 2021? 

KinKai: I’ve had no bookings to be honest. With the help of DJ Gilla and a couple of other friends, I’d planned a little tour! Sadly I never got to announce it. But 2021, we proceed with the progress!

FP: You have also been a part of Future Bubblers as well, could you tell us a bit about the feature you did?

KinKai: Big shouts to Future Bubblers, they have been very supportive of me for a couple of years now. The light isn’t shining enough on them and their support with independent artists around the UK to be honest. The likes of Yasmin Lacey, Forest Laws and myself have been blessed with the opportunity to work with them.

My latest release with them is called ‘Scatty Brain Dump’, produced by Glue70. You can find them on all digital platforms or you can buy the Future Bubblers 4.0 vinyl off Bandcamp. 

FP: Now besides music we also wanted to speak to you for the release of the adidas Manchester and the city itself. What does Manchester mean to you?

KinKai: Manchester is home! It’s a place of sunshine through grey skies, rich with history and accomplishments beyond expectations. I think its under appreciated for the hard work that the people have put in to create their legacy and I also think its under appreciated by those that are from here, because there isn’t a city like ours… anywhere on this earth!

FP: Some artists draw a lot of inspiration by the city and people they surround themselves by. Has this been the case for yourself also or have you found your inspiration coming from other places? 

KinKai: In some ways yes, because I draw my inspiration mainly from what I’ve observed (usually cartoons), the people I have conversed with and the experiences that life has taught me. Music has been a part of our history since before I was born, to see my peers creating lanes for themselves when times are tough, that’s inspiring.

FP: Well before we let you go KinKai we just want to thank you again for spending some time with us and sharing your story. Before we let you go though is there anything you would like to share with the Footpatrol & Frequent Players followers and readers? 

KinKai: Thank you for having me. If you get a chance, listen to ‘A Pennies Worth’, Please do. If you’re on socials, come find me, I love conversations… Stay empowered.

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