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04.07.20 General

For our next instalment of the Concept to Reality series, we focus our attention to Trippin. What started out as a Facebook group quickly rose to become an independent platform hub that connects all things from travel, culture and creativity.

Using a range of mediums from audio, film and written word, Trippins aim is to promote travel with a purpose and think about that impact it can have on the environment. We sit down with Sam, one of the founders of Trippin to shed some more light on this platform.

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Footpatrol: Hey Sam,  how are you? Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today! We have worked together in the past (be it a long time ago) and know all about you but for our audience can you give them a little insight into yourself and what it is you do? 

Sam: I’m one of the founders of Trippin. We are an independent platform that connects travel, culture and creativity like never before.

FP: How did you go about starting Trippin? And what difficulties did you have at the beginning?

S: It all started because we were frustrated with the fact there wasn’t a place to find travel recommendations that we actually trusted. We felt all the other platforms weren’t really speaking to us and the type of travel we do. 

So, we created a Facebook group for friends to share info with each other and that quickly grew into an engaged community full of like minded people across the world. That’s when we realised we had something special and started taking Trippin seriously.

As for difficulties, anyone starting their own business will know how much of a rollercoaster it is. Too many challenges along the way to just focus on one. 

FP: What were you doing prior? Was it a creative job? Freelance? Or something completely different? 

S: I was working at adidas for almost 4 years before Trippin. A large portion of that time was based at their HQ in Germany doing Global Brand Communications. 

FP: What we would like to know is how you get from concept to reality. Would you be able to choose ONE project that you have worked on and summarise into 5 steps the process from the client’s initial email to what the consumer sees?

1 – The first thing we discuss is whether this project is right for Trippin. We’re a values driven business and have had to turn down more projects than we’ve accepted because we aren’t willing to make sacrifices for commercial gain. If we decide its a go-er then the discussion will quickly move onto what we can bring the table thats truly progressive and will move the needle. 

2 – We then take those initial ideas and collaborate with our global community to validate them and uncover powerful insights – which in turn we translate into a tangible, actionable strategy. We’ll ensure our partner (not “client”) is across this the whole way to make sure all stakeholders are aligned and have the same vision. This transparency builds trust and allows us to focus on the creative. 

3 – We’ll be moving on pre-production alongside finalising some of the creative decisions. This is where our producers work their magic of putting all the pieces in place and making shit happen. Being highly communicative and transparent with the partner on what’s achievable within the budget and timelines is key here.

4 – On every campaign we focus as much energy on the talent that’s in front of the lens as the talent behind. To ensure true authenticity, we always question whose story it is to tell and make sure our crew is reflective of that. It’s our mission to create a space for positive dialogue and diverse storytelling. Once the crew is in place and all the finer details are locked then we move into the actual production and let the magic happen. 

5 – Focus is then shifted to the finer details in post. We build out the rollout plan to maximise impact and deliver assets against that. Consistency yet diversity across every touch point here is key to spark meaningful conversations and leave lasting impressions. We harness the power of our community to amplify the reach and measure changes in awareness, sentiment and behaviour. 

FP: Would you have any advice that you could share with our readers? 

S: There are always two ways to say the same thing.

FP: How you are coping with the current lockdown. Is there anything particular that’s keeping you going?

S: Music is and always will be my coping mechanism. Just got a set of decks in the house so I’ve been having a lot of fun on them & escaping from my lockdown reality. 

FP: And finally as it was trainers that brought all us together originally – we would like you to kickstart a little competition for our readers. 

Could you take us through your top five essential travel shoes? What do you never travel without and why? 

1 – One Stars for every occasion 

2 – adi’s triple black response hoverturf to quietly stunt 

3 – OG TNs for something lil louder 

4 – Air Max 2090s if weathers heating up

5 – Clark Wallabees to flip it up

Thank you, Stay safe!


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