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adidas ‘LG SPZL’

27.08.17 General

Created in collaboration with Liam Gallagher, the LG SPZL is the latest exclusive release from adidas SPEZIAL.  

Liam Gallagher has stayed true to his roots since his first ever pair of adidas trainers, a pair of Kicks in which he wore religiously so for the two to come together has been a natural process as Gary Aspden explains… 

‘I have known Liam for over 20 years and we have always got on. He is one of the people who has worn and supported what we do with adidas Spezial since day one so this collaboration evolved organically.’ explains Gary Aspden. ‘He liked the silhouette of the Padiham SPZL on the whole but said he wanted it to look neutral and understated. This shoe became foundation for the LG SPZL.’

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