‘More Than a Sneakerhead’ | Rachael Anson

06.10.23 General

Introducing ‘More than a Sneakerhead’ a bimonthly series in collaboration with Women In Sneakers. More than a Sneakerhead is a concept developed by WIS founder Steph HT debunking the limitations and stigmas applied to women in the industry. Running throughout the year, this project highlights some of the new faces within the community, all sharing a love of footwear! 

South-London based Rachael Anson is a DJ/Future Executive Producer, and is next up on our ‘More than a Sneakerhead’ series.

“I think it’s a great time to be a woman. I feel like there’s so many opportunities, so many initiatives specifically for women to thrive.” Here bringing the good vibes and insight into the female sneaker industry, keep reading to find out Rachael’s views on the future of the industry.

When it comes to levelling the playing field for women, Rachael believes that brands need to “put more women in charge; and if you are using women creatives, give them freedom and the support to do what they need to do, or what they feel they want to do. Let us do what we know we can do.”

We also asked Rachael about her thoughts on the future of the industry… “I won’t be able to say what I think the future is. But one thing I do know is that it doesn’t stop this culture, because I know for me personally, sneakers and streetwear meant a lot to my childhood. So I feel like the cycle will continue; It’s gonna mean something to another kid, another child, and then the legacy continues.

In terms of brands and designers that are exciting to me right now, I have to say Bianca Saunders – she’s killing it – and I love the fact that she’s a black woman killing it in the fashion industry. She’s super dope.

I’m really digging the hype that New Balances is getting. I’m a big fan of the Protection Pack – I’m trying to collect all of them. So New Balance, if you hear this!

I’ve realised how important representation is for young people. When we were growing up, we had the likes of So Solid crew, and it was so sick to see them on TV because we knew that they were from South London. I’m from South London, so, for me, I remember a feeling of like, ‘I want to do that’, or ‘I can be that’, ‘I can do what they’re doing.’

I’m more than a sneakerhead because I’m Rachael and I love sneakers my way, and yeah man, I bring my vibe and I bring my energy. And what more can I say? Women are killing it. Yeah, women are killing it.”

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