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To celebrate the launch of the Trap Kitchen x adidas Originals Forum Low, we caught up with DJ M I A to one, sample some good food but two, to chat about herself, music and growing up with a love of music.

Initial glance of M I A’s Soundcloud page, you spot the words ‘music for every mood’ and this has been key to her success having been featured on the likes of Capital Xtra as well as being a radio host on Mixtape Madness. With this said, it was only right to get M I A up on the decks to provide us and you, with our latest Frequent Players Guest Mix. Make sure to check it below, and the Trap Kitchen x adidas Forum Low here!

Footpatrol: Hey Mia, thanks so much for coming down to spend some time with us today, we start off all our interviews with the simple question of how are you?

M I A: I am Alive, which is the main thing right? 🙂 

FP: For the people who are not familiar with who you are and your work, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

M I A: I’m a DJ and I go by the name of M I A. I’m an old soul from the streets of North London who loves to express myself through Music whilst uplifting the spirits of others at the same time. 

FP: When was the first time you realised you had a love for DJing?

M I A: I’ve always loved music but In late December 2018 I randomly decided to buy myself some Decks 

FP: You often describe your Djing style as ‘Music for every mood’, if you were going to describe your DJing style in three words what would they be?

MIA: Sweet. Stylish. Stimulating. 

FP: If there is any, who has inspired your craft and how has this shaped you as the DJ you are today?

M I A: All of the musicians who have created the sounds I listen to have inspired my craft because without them I wouldn’t be able to play great music for the world to hear. 

FP: Let’s talk a little bit about your personal accomplishments such as being the radio host on Mixtape Madness as well as being featured on Capital Xtra by Global, what did it feel like breaking through on these platforms at the time?

M I A: It’s always reassuring to know people appreciate the music I play especially when big platforms have reached out to me directly for opportunities; given the fact that during the time of these achievements I had just started my career.     

FP: We want to know a little more about your connection with Trap Kitchen , how did this friendship come about? 

M I A: Let’s just say Real Recognise Real… & not to forget the connection I have with the Mac & Cheese and Prawns!

FP: Let’s delve into the fashion side of things, how do you think your style has allowed you to express yourself creatively? this could be through playing on the decks or through your hosting roles, how does the way you dress reflect your identity? 

M I A: When I feel like I look good, especially with my outfit choices and hair it definitely contributes to my performance. Depending on my mood I will then decide what I’m going to wear for each event but you’re most likely to see me with a belly top even in the winter. 

FP: adidas is a brand known for its versatility and has often been the rhythm of subcultural city life, especially the adidas Forum model, what is it that you like most about this shoe? 

M I A: I love the fact I can change the straps and take them off, it changes the whole design. It’s like having two trainers in one. 

FP: Moving on to being a female within the DJing industry do you think there is enough representation of women like yourself in the music scene? 

M I A: I’ve noticed the growth and there definitely has been a lot more representation of women like myself in the current scene of music, doors are opening. 

FP: What advice would you give to individuals trying to make it out in the DJing scene?

MIA: Follow your own unique music path. 

FP: Lastly, on behalf of the Footpatrol team we would like to say thanks so much for the interview, so this last question is just a little bit of a sign off, this could be anything from getting people excited about something, a message of positivity, whatever you like. 

M I A: Always stay true to yourself and be a good human being. 

Thank you for having me!

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