Tokyo Design Studio

19.01.24 General

Launched in 2012, Tokyo Design Studio acted as a research and development hub for New Balance across Japan and worldwide. Shugo Moritani, Design Manager at Tokyo Design Studio, previously ISSEY MIYAKE and YOHJI YAMAMOTO has created a space along with the wider NB team to bring together a unique take on athleticism and design. 

Fast forward to 2020 TDS opened up New Balance T House, a two-storey design studio and retail space in a 122-year-old converted traditional Japanese ‘kura’ warehouse. T-HOUSE fuses a concept store and a design studio, bringing together consumers and designers in a new and modern way.

TDS adopts a unique and independent creative culture and brand philosophy with a respect for craftsmanship. With all that is in, and surrounds Tokyo/Japan, is why works with the likes of AURALEE, Nanamica, Stone Island and Snow Peak work so harmoniously.

The rapid trajectory of outdoor fashion and its integration into new markets holds immense importance. The belief in collaboration as a catalyst for substantial growth, learning, and inspiration underscores the significance of envisioning products and values that go beyond individual efforts, emphasising the importance of sharing these innovations with customers.

Normally, the team based in the United States provides designers and influential individuals the chance to collaborate on distinctive colour combinations, intriguing materials or patterns, and, in the unique case of Jaden Smith, entirely new shoe designs. Consequently, the Tokyo Design Studio’s versions are more limited in quantity but less restricted in the creative freedom exercised.

Nevertheless, these designs remain firmly grounded in a set of stringent design principles: Precision, Nature Tech, Sports Craft, Protection, but with a focus on enhancing the wearer’s daily life.

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