The Hartcopy Journal – Volume 1 In-store Launch | Event Recap!

Last week saw us bring back our in-store events at our London store! For feels like forever, we had the great opportunity of being the UK’s only stockist of The Hartcopy Journal – Volume 1. To celebrate, we invited down creative lead, Sam Le Roy for an in-store launch and signing event.

Acting as a digital documentation of all things within street culture, especially sneakers, Hartcopy became a go to digital platform where you’d walk away having learned something new! Now for 2022, they enter into the world of print with their first publication… because print definitely isn’t dead!

A massive thank you to all of those who came down for the evening, managed to pick up a book, joined us for a drink and said hello! Not only did we have a display on show of some of the footwear within the book, but you all pulled out the stops with your on foot selections. Take a closer look below and we’ll hopefully see you all again soon.

And for those who missed it, we recently caught up with Sam prior to the launch to learn more about Hartcopys journey and how it all began, CLICK HERE to read more.

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