Mizuno Wave Rider 10 with stylist, Jack Ray

03.11.21 General

Behind the scenes we have had the opportunity to work with multiple creatives across a wide variety of disciplines. Styling is one area though that isn’t as widely spoken about… You know about them, but you don’t really hear much. 

We wanted to meet up with london based Jack Ray to give a little more insight into what it takes to work within the industry. From music videos to marketing campaigns. Jack has had his little tastes of it all. 

For the launch of the Mizuno Wave Rider 10 we wanted to work with Jack to show us a bit of a behind the scene look of what he would normally get up to. We linked up at Jacks Sons of Craft studio to make some magic and give people a little more insight into the world of a stylist. 

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Footpatrol: Jack it’s great to sit down and chat to you! How have you been?

I’ve been good thanks mate, how have you been?

FP: Not bad thank you! We have had the pleasure of working with you a fair few times now and have gotten to know you fairly well. For those Footpatrol followers who may not have had the pleasure of being introduced, could you give them a bit of backstory as to who you are and what you do?

So, my name is Jack Ferguson-Ray and I am a stylist, designer and creative consultant and currently based in east London.  

FP: Let’s start from the very beginning. Bath born and bred, moved to London and now establishing yourself as a stylist. What was the kick starter into this journey, was this something you have always planned on getting into?

No definitely wasn’t something I planned on getting into. Initially I wanted to work in skiing. I’m not sure what career that would have led to but I just wanted to ski. I did that for a bit whilst in Canada. Then for one reason or another which I won’t get into now, I found myself back in the UK. From there I moved to London not really knowing what to do and soon after found myself working at Harvey Nichols, believe it or not that was my entrance into working within the fashion industry hahaha. I later went to a small boutique store in old street station called Ejder [which unfortunately isn’t around anymore] doing the styling, which was my first real taste of the role. I have done a plethora of other jobs;  dabbled in wholesale for A Cold Wall, opened a store for a Japanese company and all sorts of freelance bits really. 

At the moment I have been working on a company called Sons of Craft founded by two friends of mine. Sons of Craft is a collective which has outlets within a number of creative mediums like art, fashion, music etc… My role is very much fashion based though. I am also a design intern at Oswald Boateng and I am currently working on a brand with a friend. We are hoping to launch our first capsule in the coming months. 

FP: Was there anyone that helped influence you to want to be a stylist?

Jack Ray: To be honest with you, not really. There are obviously people whose style has influenced and inspired me and I’m sure there are stylists behind them. But before getting into fashion I didn’t really know that styling was a job, let alone a viable career path. I probably still wouldn’t even call myself a stylist as this is only the start of my career. I am a long way off from fully establishing myself yet. 

FP: How has it been trying to make your mark in what you do? It’s not an easy industry to get into.

JR: To be honest I don’t think I’ve really made all that much of a mark yet to talk about! Check in a couple more years and I will let you know though! From what I have been a part of though, So far, so good. It’s had its moments! 

FP: How did you stay on top of what you do?

JR: That is a great question! 

FP: Thanks!

JR: Write stuff down and don’t put things off. A lot of the time, it doesn’t feel like I am on top of everything I need to do. It’s just a case of being as proactive as you can as well as being as organised as possible. I feel that’s one thing I didn’t really think about when getting into a creative career. You don’t really think of the oragnisational side of it and how on top of it you need to be. So it’s definitely been a learning curve. 

FP: Having worked with brands, retailers, music artists recently styling a few music videos. Is there a specific type outlet that you try to dedicate your focus on or is it something you try to be diverse in?

JR: At the moment, aesthetically I think I am finding my niche. In terms of how I want to apply it I am open to anything, it’s still early doors………………………….. other than e-comm.

FP: And is there a list of dos or don’ts on a shoot?

JR: Depends on who you’re shooting with. Aside from the obvious, don’t cuss anyone out haha! Be proactive and don’t be afraid to try things out and ask questions. Make sure you know your role, there will be times you may only get to steam and pin things. If that’s the case, respect that and make the best of it. There will be other points where you have more creative control and it’s about being able to identify those opportunities and make the most from it. 

Be nice to people, it costs nothing  and at the end of the day it’s about making organic connections with people. Try to have a nice time…

FP: What about projects you’ve worked on. Any that have stuck with you as the most memorable?

JR: Of course I love working with Footpatrol! Salomon, Kiko Asics to name a few. I am sure there will be many more! Styling Brent Faiyaz  was also great. I have been able to also work with some amazing people, particularly photographers; Alma Rosa, Marlon Francis, Tyler Little and of course Tom from Footpatrol. All definitely worth a watch if you’re not already.

FP: Let’s take a little side step now. I wanted to talk to you about Mizuno and the model we brought you in to shoot, the Wave Rider 10 OG. What are your thoughts on the shoe and the moves the brand has been making within the lifestyle market over the last 3 years?

JR: If I am completely honest. 3 years ago I didn’t know Mizuno at all. BUT! Over the last couple of years with some of the silhouettes they have been releasing, they have caught my eye. The Wave Rider 10 being one of them. I love the all grey pair! The Wave Prophecy is my favourite shoe from the brand though, it looks so hard! I think that shoe is mad slept on and I have no idea why. Also the Mizuno Right Here Right Now [RHRN] is one of your favourite shoes from them, I don’t have them yet but I will. 

For a performance brand to come into a new market the way they have and be accepted across both footwear and fashion with such intrigue is a nice change from the general hype. 

Put it this way. I would pick a pair of Mizunos over a pair of Nikes anyday.

FP: Jack it has been a real pleasure to talk to you. Before we let you go we want to ask if there was any exciting project or anything happening in 2021 that you want to give the FP followers and readers the inside scoop on or just get people excited for?

JR: There’s not a lot I can shed all that much light on at this precise moment, but there’s irons in the fire. We have some really exciting projects coming out with Sons of Craft. Also some music videos as well which should be exciting! As I mentioned earlier, I am working on a brand with a partner and the first collection should hopefully be launching in the not too distant future. 

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