Sneaker Freaker ‘Soled Out’ | Available Now!

29.10.21 General

First founded way back in 2002 when physical publications were at their peak and were sought after collectables, Sneaker Freaker has turned itself from a DIY zine style into a global documentation that covers everything footwear related that makes them a go to for any sneaker collector.

For their 15th anniversary, Sneaker Freaker went all out with the creation of their frankly massive ‘The Ultimate Sneaker Book. What served as a massive back catalogue of 15 years of Sneaker Freaker, the book was a 700 page journey down memory lane that covered sneaker history in its most detailed and now, the guys over at Sneaker Freaker have worked their magic once again for their latest book, ‘Soled Out’.

When people say ‘Good things come to those who wait’, that couldn’t be more true than this latest book. 10 years in the making, Sneaker Freaker have curated another 700 page masterpiece that takes all us sneaker fans back in time to look at over 900 vintage advertisements. Covering 13 brands, ‘Soled Out’ looks back at some of the biggest, the best and opens our eyes to campaigns you may never have seen before but you need to see including certain brands going toe to toe within their advertisements but not to spoil anything, we’ll let you spot those!

Take a closer look at the book and some of the ad’s below and if you’re anything like us, this’ll be one that will be added to the coffee table!

Shop the Sneaker Freaker ‘Soled Out’ book here!

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