Sunni Brummitt for adidas Originals

Earlier this month, we teamed up with adidas Originals to redefine what Originals meant. For this, we teamed up with Benji aka, Blunt Shank. After sharing his love of the Superstar silhouette across forums back in the day, this b Egan Benji on his path to where he is today. Now creating bespoke and customs, ourselves and adidas challenged Benji to create a one-of-one Superstar to B-Boy Olympian talent Sunni Brummitt.

A performer at the highest level, Sunni has travelled the globe sharing his talents. Having started at the age of 10, Sunni has set his sights on the main stage at next years Olympics.

Excitingly, we recently had the opportunity to hand this pair over to Sunni. After lacing up the Superstars, displaying his talents, Sunni set about sharing with us his what Originals meant to him.

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