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12.12.20 General

Through out this year, we reached out to the community to learn more about their collections, giving them the tough task of choosing a Top 5. Though some people broke this rule and showed 6, or even came back for a second go, It was really interesting to see such a wide, diverse range of footwear that at the end of the day, suited each person depending on their personal style and their wants and needs when it comes to buying sneakers.

At Footpatrol, we’re no different and now we’re coming to the end of 2020, we thought we’d give you an insight into our current rotations and what we’re wearing at the moment. 

Whether it’s old or new, GR or collaborations, bold prints or stripped back colour ways, we are all passionate about sneakers here at Footpatrol so over the next coming weeks, a different member of TEAMFP will share their current rotation of sneakers.

Last week, we looked at Jake’s current selection… which wasn’t very considerate of current weather. This week, we take a look at our creative photographer, Wilson, and his current rotation of sneakers.

Footpatrol: So why this rotation?

Wilson: Like a majority of the time, this current rotation was really based on how I was feeling on the day. Sometimes shoes that I haven’t worn in a while will pop up in my head and I’ll dig them out. Also the weather plays a big part, it’s currently unpredictable so it can be quite tough to choose pairs especially with nice materials ie. premium suede etc.

The NB990 ‘Grey’ is a given, it’s become an everyday shoe for me and for most out there through it’s comfort and style. Even prior to the ‘dad shoe’ trend, the NB990 was still a staple but to a smaller demographic. However, I think at present, this silhouette has become a household name in a wider market and is receiving its just deserts.

The asics x Awake Gel Kayano 5 360 (silver/green) is pretty much a “springtime” sneaker but the comfort on them is pretty great, the 360 GEL technology definitely helps as I’m out and about most days shooting. And that silver and green colour just works perfectly, definitely the pick out of the two.

The Nike Dunk High Pro Green has become a mainstay in my everyday rotation because the colours are subtle, they’ve been my most worn shoes since they released. I mean the Nike Dunk in general have been killing it this year so it’s only right to at least have one in the rotation.

The  AJIV Rare Air Laser was one of my grails when they released and it took me almost over 10 years to find a pair at a decent price. Having said that, it’s one of my oldest pairs and it has been said that your shoes are more prone to crumbling if you don’t wear them than when you do, so I try to get as much wear as I can now until that train reaches its destination. The fact it’s mostly leather with no perforations around the toe especially, so it reassures me that if it was to chuck down, my socks will remain dry!

Just like the AJIV’s, the ACG Mowabb is another shoe I haven’t worn in a while, and I guess it’s a good time to bring them out during this season. Classic shoe and colourway.

FP: Is there something you look for in a release before buying it?

Wilson: Yeah, the price hahaha! Although that’s a factor, it’s usually the colour scheme for me as it’s the first thing you see or at least draws you in. That goes for both collabs and inline releases. Then it would be the materials, story and so on. Perfect example would be the AJIV x Union LA lol!

FP: Give us 3 pairs that you think deserve some attention and love within your collection?

Air Max 90 ‘Crooked Tongue BBQ’ – Legendary stuff. For some reason they hurt my feet after a while but the NRG release doesn’t. Weird…

asics x Chemist Creations Gel Kayano 5 – The execution is well made, however, maybe it’s just me but they look bulkier than the inline GK5.

New Balance 997 x Concepts ‘Rose’ – One of my favourite NB’s ever and yet I don’t wear them half as much as I’d want. Something about them that makes me take them off as soon as I put them on, might be the suede? Who knows.

FP: Tell us about a special shoe in your collection, what is it and why do you love them so much?

Wilson: The Air Max 1 x atmos Safari (2002) is a pretty special pair for me. The quality of craftsmanship on that shoe is crazy, especially if you take into consideration the time it was released. You’d think footwear would be out of this world by now but it’s kind of the opposite. Also, it’s one of those shoes that I thought I’d never own and to actually own it is pretty surreal.

FP: What is it that catches your eye about it?

Wilson: This shoe has suede, nubuck, canvas, safari print, contrasting Swooshes, gum outsole and a mini Swoosh. What more can you ask for? Oh and for the Air Max 1 enthusiasts out there, I’m pretty sure that’s how the shape should be across the board right? lol

FP: Before you run off! Tell us one new trick you learnt during this year’s lockdowns?

Wilson: Learned the lyrics to the Snoop Dogg ‘Just Eat’ advert (without Genius).

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