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28.11.20 General

Through out this year, we reached out to the community to learn more about their collections, giving them the tough task of choosing a Top 5. Though some people broke this rule and showed 6, or even came back for a second go, It was really interesting to see such a wide, diverse range of footwear that at the end of the day, suited each person depending on their personal style and their wants and needs when it comes to buying sneakers.

At Footpatrol, we’re no different and now we’re coming to the end of 2020, we thought we’d give you an insight into our current rotations and what we’re wearing at the moment.

Whether it’s old or new, GR or collaborations, bold prints or stripped back colour ways, we are all passionate about sneakers here at Footpatrol so over the next coming weeks, a different member of TEAMFP will share their current rotation of sneakers.

First up is one of our creative photographers, Tom. Take a look below to see what Tom has chosen, why and to see more of his work for us – @aintfussed

Footpatrol: So, let’s kick things off with how/why this selection is your current rotation?

Tom: This series in-particular is made up of pairs that have already been through the wars, or pairs that I dont mind wearing in all types of weather. 

Given our climate it really narrows down what I go to wear every morning, then there is the question of if I’m going to be on a demanding shoot all day or not, what can my feet endure? 

I’ve chosen pairs like STASH, Patta and the Footpatrol saga as whilst they may be older, they’ve had rigorous wears over the years, which is probably the only thing keeping them together, especially stash, every wear is with an amount of apprehension but i trust in the materials made for the conditions. Patta/Saga are too far gone, we’re waaayyyy past Jason Markk now, they need Jason Miracle.

Whereas, Vivienne Westwood asics and Dunk Community Gardens are both new pairs I don’t mind exposing to the elements as much as I would other pairs in my collection.

FP: Is there something you look for in a release before buying it?

Tom: I guess so, I own some pretty elaborate pairs so i’m always into something a little different from the norm, it’s a bonus if the shoe tells a tale I suppose but honestly, as long as the shoe doesn’t fall apart on my feet then I’m not fussed whos made it / what its made of.

FP: Give us 3 pairs that you think deserve some attention and love within your collection?

Tom: Well, 3 pairs that deserve some attention from ‘ME’ would probably be:

1. Asics x RF GL3 Culture shoq 2.0 – never see daylight unless its bone dry, sunny weather.

2. 0121 Airmax 95 – falling apart, RIP. 

3. New Balance 993 x Kawasaki Ninja – even though i own it, i can’t fit into a size 4, so they just gather dust under the bed…

FP: Is there a stand out model within your collection that you keep going back to? What is it and why do you love them so much? 

Tom: The shoe that makes up most of my collection is the Gel Lyte lll, I wouldn’t go as far as to say I love it, but it’s just something that agrees with me comfortably and stylistically. 

FP: What is it about the GL3, that originally caught your eye?

Tom: Originally it was the split tongue and at the time the striking array of colourways that were available + its a bonus to not look down and see the tongue of your shoe trying to hug your ankle.

FP: Before you run off! Tell us one new trick you learnt during this year’s lockdowns?

Tom: Spinning revolvers on my fingers in red dead. 

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