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18.12.20 General

Through out this year, we reached out to the community to learn more about their collections, giving them the tough task of choosing a Top 5. Though some people broke this rule and showed 6, or even came back for a second go, It was really interesting to see such a wide, diverse range of footwear that at the end of the day, suited each person depending on their personal style and their wants and needs when it comes to buying sneakers.

At Footpatrol, we’re no different and now we’re coming to the end of 2020, we thought we’d give you an insight into our current rotations and what we’re wearing at the moment. 

Whether it’s old or new, GR or collaborations, bold prints or stripped back colour ways, we are all passionate about sneakers here at Footpatrol so over the next coming weeks, a different member of TEAMFP will share their current rotation of sneakers.

Continuing this journey through our rotations, we now look to a member of our marketing department, Brad. A guy that’s well known for his love of all things Nike Powerwall, Brad has managed to amass a vast array of sneakers within his collection that spans every brand and every style imaginable.

Footpatrol: So why this rotation?

Brad: Basically most people that know me know how much of a Powerwall neek I am so I thought it was time to showcase some other stuff that I have within the collection! Admittedly one Powerwall found its way in but the rest are pairs that I think are mad underrated and overall just cool as hell.

The Nike Airmax 360 Tier – 0 Powerwall is dubbed the rarest out of the pack with there only 96 rumoured to be made. For me it was less to do with the rarity but the quality of the suede/felt type upper. Not only that the 360 designed by Martin Lotti is one of the all time greatest Airmax models no doubt about it, comfortable, aggressive looking and slaps in almost every colour!

The Supreme Flyknit have always been one of those shoes when I was younger I would look at and think wow imagine owning those! With Flyknit technology being so comfortable it’s one of the best shoes to have on you all the time and low key enough that most people don’t clock what they are. The best part about them though is the box, I’m pretty sure they are one of the only if not the only non-sb shoe to come in a Nike SB box.

I think as releases go the Solebox Reebok Workout Low is one of my most prized pairs and it’s not even hyped! A deer friend gave me them as he was looking to clear some old pairs out and after doing some research discovered they were one of the first trainers to feature fish leather (Oki-Ni I think did it first with adi) and was limited to less that 20 odd pairs worldwide. Honestly they are just incredible in hand honestly. The plan is to get them signed by Hikmet Sugoer to make it the real deal, so Hikmet if you’re reading this slide in my dms G.

FP: Is there something you look for in a release before buying it?

Brad: Haha I’m a sucker for Pink, honestly sometimes that inclusion of pink can sway me on a purchase. I’m a huge technology and history buff though so if its got some substance im more than likely find myself potential pulling the trigger. Quality though is always important it’s sad to pay for something that will fall apart or crack on you regardless how much you wanted it.

FP: Give us 3 pairs that you think deserve some attention and love within your collection?

Brad: Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 – I haven’t bust them out in a while and no word of a lie they are one of the coolest shoes ever. I always see people moan about the price of new tech when shoes come out and it makes me wonder how you’d expect for something with so much new tech to be affordable straight off the bat. It has to start somewhere until they can make it cost effective.

Bobbito Garcia x Nike Air Force 1 ‘Pilgrims’ – I’m too scared to wear them, they are so pretty, clean, quality is amazing. It’s just a shoe I want to last forever so they are hiding away until the next time I’m feeling brave!

Nike Air Huarache ‘Escapes’ – I have worn them a grand total of 1 time since owning them for the last 3 or 4 years. The upper peeled away from the midsole and I just never got round to fixing them. In fact that’s exactly what I’m going to try to do before the end of the year!

FP: Tell us about that special model, what is it and why do you love them so much? 

Brad: Going through my collection the most common model featured is the Airmax 93. It’s my all time favourite Airmax silhouette purely down to the fact of its PHat bootie of a bubble and the fact it’s design was inspired by plastic milk judges found in local supermarkets. I don’t drink milk or anything but it made me laugh and I have loved it ever since. It’s under appreciated that is for sure.

FP: What is it about the Airmax 93, that catches your eye?

That big bootie of a bubble!

FP: Before you run off! Tell us one new trick you learnt during this year’s lockdowns?

I learnt how to do a 360 pop shuvit on my skateboard.
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