Sound Mind, Sound Body with ASICS & Silo

26.12.23 General

Last week, ourselves and ASICS came together for an end of year celebration of their ‘Sound Mind, Sound Body’ mantra.

Delving deeper into its meaning, we can often jump straight into the idea of being active through sport or through soul-searching practices such as yoga or breathing exercises. This time however, we wanted to explore food. You see, a sound mind and sound body can also come from the things we put into our bodies and food is a key part of that. To explore this further, we ventured to Silo in East London. A world renowned restaurant that’s built on the idea of ‘Not having a bin’. This led the team to think in new ways and explore how we create and dispose of food.

With that said, last week we took over the restaurant and asked for your help. As a way of giving back to the community, we of course asked for your help. We wanted to find those doing great community initiatives that deserved to be recognised and you sure did come through!

Below is a recap of the evenings events, a memorable one for sure.

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