Sonny By Name for Footpatrol x Saucony

02.06.22 General

Sonny By Name and Footpatrol family member by nature.

Continuing our very special part of our latest collaboration with Saucony ,we have enlisted the help of one of our good friends at Footpatrol to create 10 timeless limited edition jacket iterations – inspired by Jazz ‘81 silhouette.

Based at his studio in London, fashion forward designer Sonny has utilised the materials from the shoe to create an undeniably bespoke and timeless jacket offering. To celebrate this unique piece we sat down with Sonny to learn more about the admirations behind the design, ideation and making process of the Jacket and keep an eye on the Footpatrol social channels to how you can get your hands on one of these very limited jackets very soon.

Footpatrol: Hey Sonny, for people who don’t know who you are and what you do, could you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Sonny: I am a London based designer, that works primarily in textiles. Currently I’m spending time on the brand I launched early last year, Sonny By Name. 

FP: Could you talk us through the design/making process of the jacket?

S: My overall aim was to recreate the Footpatrol x Saucony Jazz into a jacket, taking references from its materials, colourway and layered panels. Once the jacket design was finalised, I could then begin to start imagining its pattern. After producing a very promising sample and grading all the sizes myself, I felt confident to go ahead with constructing all 10 garments. This took place in my studio in London. 

FP: How did you come up with this style of jacket? Was there anything in particular that you were inspired by? 

S: The idea behind the jackets style seemed from research into traditional flight and racing jackets. Taking slight inspiration from their silhouettes, functionally and durability. 

FP: What was it like working on this project for Footpatrol’s 20th anniversary ? 

S: 20 years is a huge achievement and milestone for Footpatrol, so I felt honoured when they approached me to work on a project for their anniversary. It was a pleasure working back and forth with Asheeba Charles (Footpatrol’s Creative Lead) developing the design and I am truly ecstatic to share the outcome. I enjoyed the whole experience thoroughly and look forward to any future projects that might come.

FP: How did you find using the materials from the shoe on the jacket? Were there any challenges that you had faced? 

S: The only challenge while handling the materials was with the suede. The placement and inconsistency in it’s thickness had to be factored in for not only comfortability, but also for arm mobility reasons. The most time consuming stage, but one of my favourite parts of the process was sewing each line to create the same onion quilt pattern that’s used on the tongue of the shoe. This technique is seen on different parts of the jacket throughout.

FP: Finally, I’m sure people are going to be wondering how they can get their hands on a jacket… Can you share any more?

S: Now that’s a good question… The Jacket was made in super limited quantities due to the hand-crafted nature of it and was gifted to those who helped within the project. However, we couldn’t not let you have an opportunity to get your hands on it so me and Footpatrol may have something up our sleeve over the next couple of weeks. So for now, I’d say to sit tight and stay locked to the Footpatrol social channel for further updates.

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