Salomon SS22 | Now Available!

Whenever a new Salomon collection passes through the doors at Footpatrol, we always see it as an excuse to hop on the next train out of London to see just what it’s all about. We’ve previously taking products out for a trail run, camping and even joined up with the Salomon team for their annual Salomon Festival! This time, with the weather also turning up for the good, we headed down south to visit one of the most famous English beaches, Camber Sands.

Expanding our offering of Salomon at Footpatrol, we came prepped with the latest and greatest XT-4 and XT-6 whilst also including what was probably the most suitable silhouette for the location, the Techsonic. With its mesh, breathable upper, not only was it perfect for the unusually hot conditions, but also felt like the perfect option to tackle the transition from water to beach.

Take a closer look below and make sure to check out our range of Salomon available online and in-store!

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