Reebok LX8500 with Dukes Cupboard

2022 has proven to be a year full of anniversaries. Whether thats sneakers celebrating their birthdays or stores like ourselves, there is a lot going on to celebrate within the sneaker, streetwear scene.

As you’re all aware, 2022 signals 20 years of Footpatrol but not only that, it also shines a light on our friendly Soho neighbours Dukes Cupboard who find themselves celebrating 10 years. 

To celebrate these two milestones, we popped round to Dukes Cupboard with the latest offering from Reebok, the LX8500. We tasked them with no only what they do best, sourcing and piecing together two outfits that would do the shoe justice but also, bring the Reebok and outfits to live…

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