Reebok InstaPump OG Prototype | Now Available

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the InstaPump Fury, Reebok will release a faithful reproduction of the iconic ’Prototype’ edition. Limited to a period-correct 1994 pairs, this is a purist’s love letter to Reebok’s masterpiece of modernity. 

In the early 90s, Reebok had a unique team named the Reebok Advanced Concepts (RAC) team that brought innovation after innovation to the sports manufacturing industry. 

Because they were given the time to distill their ideas into confirmed product, the RAC team was been able to deliver quite a few innovations to the brand including most notably the InstaPump Fury in 1994. 

The original production version released in March 1994 featured citron rubber outsoles. Unfortunately, the vibrant pigment used to colour the rubber was too soft and the soles degraded quickly after even light use by runners. Today, the Prototype remains one of the rarest Reebok runner releases of all time.

To solve the quality control issue, Reebok quickly edited the Fury design and upgraded the citron soles to carbon-infused black rubber, which was tougher and far more durable, but still offered excellent grip in all conditions. Released in September 1994, this version is considered to be the original, even though it was technically the second version of the shoe to release.

From the citron yellow rubber sole to the classic ’The Pump’ logo riding high on the inflatable ball, this 1:1 remake will satisfy InstaPump Fury fans both new and old.

The Reebok InstaPump OG Prototype is Now Available online. Sizes range from UK6 – UK11 (including select half sizes), priced at £160. For further information on in-store stock availability please call 020 7287 8094.


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