Real Talk Sessions | Part 4: Performing live, how do I do it?

Last week saw us host the fourth and final instalment of the Real Talk Sessions that we have been hosting with Future Bubblers as part of Soho Music Month. 

This episode saw us delve into performing live and ‘How do I do it?’

This week saw Selassie tbc host this episode’s guest speakers, Mala (@maladmz) and Rebecca Prochnik (@earthmusicagency). Those that came down to the event were able to gain a real understanding into both sides of the musical industry. From looking after your acts and promoting them to the pressures and enjoyments from performing live in-front of a couple of hundred people, too a few thousand. 

At the end of the events, we hosted a Q&A section, giving those in attendance the chance to gain a personal insight into their journeys or any advice.

Scroll through the photos below to see this evenings events and keep an eye out for a video to follow soon.

With the Real Talk Sessions now at an end, we’d just like to thank everyone at Future Bubblers (@futurebubblers) to hosting the events, all of the guest speakers who took time to give an insight into their field and for all of those who came down to be a part of this.

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