Nike Vaporfly 3 | Now Available!

03.05.23 Performance

‘For the chasers, the racers and the elevated pacers’… That’s one of the many ways in which Nike are describing their latest ground breaking runner.

Over the last few years, the NEXT% family of runners has become some of the most eye-catching, advanced and controversial that the running world has seen. What was started as an effort to break the 2 hour marathon barrier, the Vaporfly 3 is a continuation of Nike to deliver a PB breaking shoe. From the elite where every second matters, to the everyday person who is looking for that extra umph, thanks to the new technology implemented within the 3, anything is possible.

Much like those before it and the even more extreme Alphafly 2, the Vaporfly continues the current trend of Carbon plated runners. Slotted half way within the ZoomX midsole, this latest runner seeks to offer the best in both comfort and propulsion.

In the thrill of the pursuit, we caught up with Footpatrol Run Club’s very own Jake Archer and London based runner Lydia Oldman to see just what this latest iteration is all about.

Make sure to check out our Nike Running offering online at Footpatrol here…

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