Nike ISPA Apparel | Now Available!

07.10.23 General

Deep within the Nike HQ, there is a skunkworks like team who’s mission is to ‘Improvise, Scavenge, Protect and Adapt’, otherwise know as ISPA. Often revolutionising Nike’s footwear offering with unique designs like the ISPA Flow or just outright experimental like the Road Warrior. Continuing a recent trend though, the team have once again lent their minds to come up with a new range of apparel items.

Utilising the latest in weather-resistant materials, this latest collection has you winter ready. From multilayered tops, a set of utilitarian trousers to the highlight of the collection, the jacket. Whilst resisting the wet and windy conditions, specially placed laser cut ventilation zones help to keep the body cool without restricting.

Take a closer look at the collection below and shop these styles online at Footpatrol here!

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