Nike Air Max Scorpion | Available Now!

One thing thats clear with the Air Max Scorpion is that we’re in a new age of ‘Air’.

Not only is the Air Max Scorpion built on Air, but also, collaboration. Collaboration between Nike’s designers, engineers and scientists who all came together within the depths of the pandemic to push the boundaries of innovation and digital technology to create one of their most extreme examples of Air.

Utilising a host of different platforms like 3D VR design software, computational design and engineering tools, plus machine learning and digital twin technology the Air Scorpion is a demonstration of where things can pushed. With a new feel underfoot, the Scorpion uses a system that resembles an airbag to take things to new heights. Using a piston like effect in strategically mapped points, its a new level of comfort.

Now, you could be mistaken for thinking with time not on their side that all the thought went solely into that Air unit but you’d be wrong! Reimagined with a first-of-its-kind Flyknit chenille fabric, the upper is a super soft, almost like a hairy suede in places thanks to short fibers being held perpendicularly in place by two twisted vertical core yarns to form a soft pile texture.

To celebrate this new vision, we added our own interpretation to Air by inviting some special guests down to the store to get a first hand look at the product before whisking the off to ifly… An indoor skydiving experience to better understand the idea of air.

To shop the Nike Air Max Scorpion, click here!

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