Nike 2019 “BETRUE” Collection | Now Available

In 1978, political activist and designer Gilbert Baker created, hand dyed and hand sewed two flags with eight colored stripes (pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue and violet) to be a positive symbol that would unite gay, lesbian and transgender people. He called it the Pride Flag and debuted it that year in San Francisco.

Years later, the six-color flag remains the ultimate global symbol of unity among the LGBTQIA+ community.

What each color represents: Pink: Sexuality, Red: Life, Orange: Healing, Yellow: Sunlight, Green: Nature, Turquoise: Magic, Blue: Serenity, Violet: Spirit

To celebrate Baker’s impact and memorialize his legacy, Nike partnered with the Gilbert Baker Estate, working hand-in-hand to create this year’s 2019 BETRUE collection. For the first time, the footwear, apparel and accessories all feature the icon’s original eight-color flag, as well as other meaningful “Gilbert-y” touches and symbols of Pride.

This up and coming collection comes off the back of Nike and Bakers strong partnership which stems from 2012 and have continued to curate designs in which epitomises the movement of BETRUE.

Nike Air Tailwind 79, Air Max 270 & Air Max 90 “Be True” is Now Available in-store and online. Sizes available from UK3.5 – UK12, priced between £90 – £165.

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