Nially Cat x Footpatrol Communi T

16.04.20 General

For this next instalment of our Communi T project, we’ve teamed up with none other than Leicester based illustrator Nially Cat.

Leicester born and bred and with a stint in the big smoke behind him, Niall has managed to work with the likes of Nike and Vivienne Westwood whilst also taking his creativity to music videos.

Whilst designing this latest project, we managed to sit down with Niall to discuss his journey so far and where the ideas came from for this latest Communi T.

Footpatrol: Niall firstly welcome back! How have you been since the last time we spoke?

Niall: Chilling man drawing a lot been making a lot more recently too

FP: And what about your sneaker collection has that grown to?

Niall: Not really, I think I’ve grown out of a lot of it to be honest. I’ve invested in 2 pairs of each of the mint and pink 90s though I think I’ve found my crep for life now

FP: For those who didn’t know you’re a man who’s had his fingers in all the pies, you’ve done some work for Vivienne Westwood for the Africa Collection and even Nike’s Carnival Air Force 1 too, what was that like?

Niall: It was fun I enjoyed the projects, especially the Nike one. From a kid that was a really big goal for me and I’m pretty sure they changed the name to “peace love unity” if you google it so I slyly renamed it too.

FP: That Window Kid music video you told us about last time looked insane, do you still do a lot of work for the music scene or is stuff like this more as a bit of fun now?

Niall: The music videos are quite long I can’t lie, time consuming but the conclusion is fun. I like working on fun stuff, I don’t like boundaries or guidelines that are too strict, you need to try new things and innovate or I don’t feel you’re doing yourself justice creatively. I do a lot of covers and shorts and stuff. I think the best way to put it is shout me with something interesting and let’s work.

FP: Last time we spoke about Converse, but this time we are talking about something completely different. We are here to talk about your upcoming Communi T with Footpatrol. Is this the first time you have done an apparel collaboration before?

Niall: No I’ve done bits and pieces here and there. Best thing is to keep an eye on my Instagram and website. I’m no good at the 3rd person persona thing or the constant self promotion so if you miss it you miss it. 

FP: Tell us a bit about the design for the tee, what was the story behind it all?

Niall: It’s a line from an old Klashnekoff tune. The front graphic is me in a custom Footpatrol mask (I added glasses so I could see distance) and the back print is the Klashnekoff quote in the Niallycat font – Loud Pack 😎 

FP: Well we are super happy to have you a part of the Communi T project Niall and thanks again for spending some more time with us. Before we go is there anything you want to let the people know about that’s coming soon from yourself?

Niall: We got prints hitting the website, T-shirt’s, stickers, pin badges soon come, football shirt for summer. Just pre the website 

FP: And finally a question we like to ask all Communi T partners.. please describe Hotel Creative’s style in 3 words?

Niall: Tall, Dark and handsome

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