Introducing Nike Stories

As an authentic sneaker community here at Footpatrol, storytelling is at the heart of what we do. Passing down the narrative from one successive generation to another, we are always looking for ways to showcase the voices, talent and background of what makes our sneaker space so special. Whether this is from the history of the brand , through to the design process to where the sneakers end up – in the hands of the community, we’re all here for our love of sneakers.

Introducing Nike stories, our new Nike platform based within our Footpatrol Launches App where we will be feeding all things Nike content and keeping you – the community in touch with the product and the story it tells. We have dug deep into the archives pulling our favourite memories, retelling some of our most compelling stories that we are so excited to share with you. 

Each week we will be updating this platform delivering some of the freshest stories to date. From our recap on lively talks, campaigns, interviews and many more, we are always looking to inspire sneaker enthusiasts all across the world as well as capturing the imagination of like minded individuals. 

For those who already have the app download, head on over to the app to see more otherwise, click here to download the Footpatrol Launches App.

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