Introducing Hoka to Footpatrol!

11.02.22 Performance

We love it when a new brand is added to the Footpatrol brand list and for 2022, we welcome Hoka to our offering. A relatively new brand to the running scene having been founded in 2009, it hasn’t taken long for Hoka to burst on to the scene with a range that spans across running and lifestyle. Their aim? To go faster… How can they go faster whilst improving how a runner performs.

With this overriding goal in mind, Hoka have also found themselves burst on to the lifestyle scene thanks to their extreme comfort levels but also, the aesthetic. With fashion weeks becoming more and more filled with trail sneakers and a more utilitarian approach to design, Hoka along with the likes of Salomon have found themselves a regular feature.

To introduce the brand to Footpatrol, some of the team took the Hoka Clifton 8 on to the streets of London to check out their durability, running abilities and overall comfort to see what all the fuss is about!

Ultra lightweight and with supreme levels of cushioning, the Clifton 8 manages to deliver a more responsive feel with the same characteristics as previous models. With it’s new midsole compound in place, it not only provides that energy needed but also firm enough to feel secure.

Take a closer look below and make sure to check out HOKA online at Footpatrol!

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