House of St Barnabas Summer Festival ’23 | Dr Dubplate

It’s nearly the weekend and the sun is shining… That makes this weekend is perfect for the return of the House of St Barnabas Summer Festival and we’re thrilled to announce we’ll once again be supporting this summer event alongside @tolapeckham.

Returning once again for ’23, we’ll once again have a host of names on hand to spin the decks. Included within that list is garage royalty @zed_bias and old-school R&B legend, @sholaama. They’ll also be joined by masters of the decks @dr_dubplate@ells_bellss@gemitunes and their very own residents DJ, @jamierodigan.

To build up to this weekends event, we catch up with @dr_dubplate who sits down with us and provides us with a warm up mix ahead of Saturdays main event.

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Footpatrol: Dr Dubplate, we are big fans of yours over at Footpatrol and really looking forward to hearing you throw down some bangers on the 19th August. How are you?

Dr Dubplate: All good feeling very inspired off the back of Boomtown. Played 3 sets and the energy was high for all free. Tired but excited to get back on the road and keep testing some of these forthcoming bits from my label ec2a.

FP: Were you much of a musician growing up?

Dr Dubplate: Nah, I just love music. I’d say I had a pretty conventional start music listening to your standard Eminem, Linken Park, Wu Tang and all of that Jazz but when I discovered Chase And Status when I was about 14/15 and what my old man was doing with his club that’s what really sparked my interest in the culture and I’ve been obsessed ever since. 

FP: DJing is one of those things that everyone thinks they can do but only a few are truely technically gifted. What was it about the decks that drew you in?

Dr Dubplate: To be honest never thought I’d be a DJ. Foolishly assumed that DJ’d we probably really talented musicians but I was fortunate to study with a good crew of people who were already very tight DJs and they taught the rope and now we are here.

FP: Could you tell us a bit about ec2a and what it is?

Dr Dubplate: ec2a is a record label that’s putting UK centric dance music back on the map. But more than anything it’s a community of people with a very common interest which is putting out amazing dance floor music for the love of it. 

FP: Where did the name ec2a originally come from?

Dr Dubplate: Ec2a references a Shoreditch postcode where a club called Plastic People was situated. This institution paved the way in terms of giving me purpose and my father and Ade are the two biggest inspirations. In fact, it’s my dad that gave me the idea for the name as I explained the vision, and yeah the rest is history.  

FP: Let’s talk about the Summer Festival. How are we feeling about it? How has the festival season been treating you so far?

Dr Dubplate: Festival season is cool! I really like to test new dubs and music forthcoming on the label and it’s a great time to catch a lot of my peers playing sets too as usually we’re all in different parts of the country. Personally, I love a sweaty club but it’s interesting to play club music in a field in some random part of the English countryside. It gives it a completely different context and it’s great experience for any DJ trying to cut their teeth. 

FP: What is it about this time of year that makes Djing so enjoyable?

Dr Dubplate: Nothing beats an outdoor party when the sun is shining and people don’t have to wear 10 million layers because it’s so cold, it’s just vibes. I love a peak summer day party.  I’m a summer baby so naturally I think I thrive when the sun is out and the music is blaring! 

FP: Well, we can’t wait to see you at the Summer Festival! Before we let you go, is there anything you would like to sign off the interview with?

Dr Dubplate: ec2a, remember the name. You going to see it a whole lot more.

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