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04.11.22 Frequent Players

As you are all aware by now, Frequent Players is our music division within Footpatrol. Our way of exploring the world of music and bringing the community closer to those emerging within the scene.

For our latest Frequent Players feature, we’ve teamed up with Sons of Craft, a design lab who claim ‘craft is their religion’. They too have started to explore the world of music with thanks to their record label Sounds of Craft. This felt like the perfect opportunity to explore our two worlds and explore their world and their artists.

First up, we speak with Smokey.T to learn more about his connection with Sounds of Craft, his love of music and his first release, ‘Eclipse’.

Footpatrol: Mr. smokey.t! We have heard MANY good things about you from the team at Sounds of Craft! How are you? 

Smokey.T: I’m all good thanks, been pretty busy lately as I’ve just moved house and have also been sorting out some exciting stuff with the guys at Sounds Of Craft. 

FP: Let’s bring things right to the very beginning. Could you give the Footpatrol community a bit of insight into who you are?

Smokey.T: My names Teddy Chapple aka smokey.t and I’m a Music Producer & DJ based in London. I’ve always found it hard to pin down what music I make because I love playing all sorts of sounds. Whether it’s Breaks, Techno, Jungle or Hardcore I love it all. I’ve always been drawn to the underground, with its raw and gritty set up, there’s no nonsense. 

FP: Where did the love of music start?

Smokey.T: My love for music started by jamming with my mates from a young age. Whether it was drums, guitar or piano I wanted to do it all. At school, music & drama were the only subjects that I was truly interested in, possibly because I didn’t need to write anything down! Growing up in a rural part of the countryside meant that I was largely detached from any form of an underground music scene. 

I would discover new music from my brother who was living in London at the time and then spend hours searching for similar tracks. I then started DJing for all my mates’ parties as well as building up my own PA system,  which my dad would kindly drive around to all the party’s because I was too young to drive. Since then I’ve moved to London and had a multitude of great opportunities to play at some amazing events. 

FP: How did you find your sounds as an artist? 

Smokey.T: If I’m honest, I’m still searching. All my music varies from genre to genre and I love it that way. It’s exiting. One night I might be making an aggressive, German EBM track and the next I’ll be sampling Alan partridge for a conceptual techno track about farmers. However, with that being said, some of my favourite Producers include: Aphex twin, Objekt, Acid Arab and Squarepusher, just to name a few… 

FP: Tell us a bit about your new release Eclipse.

Smokey.T: So the inspiration for Eclipse came about when we got set a production analysis essay on the producer  ‘Burial’ at uni. After extensively listening to the album ‘Untrue’ I decided I wanted to create a song that was less club focused like my others, but rather something that would be played when you’re coming back from the club. I used my Analog synths to create sweeping, airy soundscapes that play throughout the whole track as well as using them to create the main synths. 

FP: Sounds of Craft has been throwing some seriously good parties recently. What do you think it is about them that brings such a strong positive and fun loving atmosphere? 

Smokey.T: Sounds of Craft parties are not ones to miss. Packed out multi genre boat parties that take you on a journey through underground sonics, ranging from Amapiano to Jungle with some of London’s best DJs. As well as throwing basement parties in interesting venues across the city, these guys know how to run a banging event. Sounds Of Craft has always been about Community, Art and Culture. Which is why the diverse crowds of creatives create such a unique and unitive atmosphere at these events. 

FP: Smokey, thank you so so much for being a part of this Sons of Craft x Footpatrol Frequent Players residency. We can’t wait to share your sound to the Footpatrol family. Before we let you go, we like to give all our interviewees the chance to sign off the interview with anything they’d like to share or a message of positivity. So by all means take it away! 

Smokey.T: Thanks for having me! I’ll end by saying, support your local. Not just the pub but venues, musicians, artists etc… we’re in a really tough time for the music scene in the UK. Multiple clubs and venues are getting shut down every week, so make sure you show your love and support to all these amazing people and places so they can carry on doing what they do best! 

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