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24.11.22 Frequent Players

This week see’s us closing out our four week relationship with ‘Sounds of Craft’. As you are all aware, Frequent Players is our music division within Footpatrol and offers an insight into those engrained within the music industry and those who are emerging within the scene.

These last four weeks have seen us team up with Sons of Craft, a design lab who claim ‘craft is their religion’. They too have started to explore the world of music with thanks to their record label Sounds of Craft. This felt like the perfect opportunity to explore our two worlds and explore their world and their artists. 

To close out these four weeks, we speak with Prncss, a DJ, producer and performer who takes us through her journey so far, growing up in Zimbabwe all whilst laying down our latest Frequent Players mix.

Footpatrol: Hey Prncss! Thanks so much for letting us come by today, we like to start off this interview with a simple question of how are you?

Prncss: I’m great thank you

FP: For the people who are not familiar with who you are and the work you do, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Prncss: I am a producer , performer and DJ. I previously have been in a band.I am part of a creative collective The Blackfish Experience. I have a solo project coming out next spring and I am just out here creating vibes.

FP: A multidisciplinary artist and a music producer, I am sure this didn’t happen overnight! When did your love for music all start for you?

Prncss: Well growing up in Zimbabwe we listened to the radio alot in the house and we always played old records of African music. When i moved to Ireland I played the drums in church , then I started a band which opened me up to other music genres. At home we would always watch mtv and channel U which expanded my taste iSo I like very eclectic genres of music.

FP: How would you describe your music/ DJing style and how does this reflect your identity?

Prncss: My style is heavily influenced by electronic music. I think where all the genres i listen to cross over thats the commons thread. Whether it be African electronic music, to chicago juke, to UK bass that is the element that they share. I am also a fan of heavy bass and drums.

FP: What has been your favourite venue to play at so far?

Prncss: My favourite venue to play has been The Cause. The sound system there was absolutely delicious

FP: Have there been any challenges that you have faced on your journey so far?

Prncss: There many challenges definitely I have faced , in terms of promoters not wanting to pay creatives accordingly, also the lack of inclusivity for female and non binary DJs on bigger platforms. Its alot better now than 10 years ago when I started. Also now with technology becoming cheaper it makes DJing accessible to many people which has its pros and cons but theres too much competition in the sense that if you refuse a show based on low offer for a gig theres always an inexperienced DJ who would take that gig and that doesnt improve the financial standard for DJs who have been grinding alot longer.

FP: What advice would you give to young creatives trying to make it in the music industry?

Prncss: In terms of DJing I would say be a great selecta first of all, learn how to mix and blend your tracks and know your value as a creative.

FP: Prncss, it has been such a pleasure to meet you!  Before we let you go, we like to give all our interviewees the chance to sign off the interview with anything they’d like to share or a message of positivity. So by all means take it away!

Prncss: Thanks for having me Footpatrol and lacing me up with these fire sneakers! To everyone out there you already have all it takes to be who you want to be you just need to step into your greatness no matter how challenging it is!

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