Frequent Players Guest Mix 045 | Timma T

02.10.23 Frequent Players

For our latest Frequent Players, Timma T takes us on a 140bpm ride with the sounds of grime, dubstep and baseline.
Underground radio stations, his own record label and event, Timma T is definitely putting his stamp on Birmingham. We caught up with him to talk everything from his most memorable moments, to what got him into music.

Footpatrol: Hey Timma, Hope you’re good? Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself and what it is you do?

Timma: Yes guys, i’m all good thank you for shouting me to be a part of this. I’m Timma T 27, 0121 born and raised. I’m a DJ and producer, a specialist in 140 bpm music. I’m currently starting a new chapter in life by starting university studying sound engineering and audio production, on the side I work at Size?.

Footpatrol: How did you first get into DJing, and what inspired you to start producing?

Timma: I started djing in 2012/13 all my friends were djing and a couple of them had a radio show on a Birmingham station called Silk City. I would go to the station and just watch and found it amazing so I expressed an interest and they let me play a couple riddims and the rest is history, I got introduced to a whole new world I never knew existed. My good friends Horrickle and Gallah introduced me to the world of underground music, firstly being riddim dubstep and then UK funky. I then put in the practice hours and eventually got my own show and then started playing out in the Birmingham scene. Production is pretty much the same story, Gallah, Horrickle, Anton Stranger and Esstee, I have to big up each of these man for helping me on my production journey, showing me the basics and giving me constructive criticism which has allowed me to be the producer I am today. 

 Footpatrol: Can you describe your favorite or most memorable DJ performance?

Timma: This one is a hard one. I would say I have one favorite and one memorable. My favorite was definitely Outlook UK last year, big shouts to my family Minor Formula who put me on the line up. I was on the Kickers stage and a couple days before i saw a couple of the best Mc’s in scene and asked them if they would be down to come and shell down with me. I started the set and by the 2nd tune i turned around and Logan, Duppy, Joe Fire, JoSoSick, Blacklike Tintz and Doni Rampage were there mic in hand and ready to shell and they did not hold back. Considering it was on the smallest stages at the festival we got the place absolutely jumping and gathered a big crowd. Most Memorable was in Birmingham and a Bacardi event called Casa Bacardi, which was meant to be a simple warm set turned in to something much bigger, The line up was stacked Kojo Funds, Stefflon Don, Swifta Beater, Dapz On The Map and Roxxxan. I did my set and got approached by the promoter asking if i had any of Kojo’s riddims and i had a few, she then asked me if i would be able to play for him. I ran to my studio and downloaded the rest of the riddims i needed headed back and djed for him which was an incredible show i then stayed on decks and warmed up for Stefflon Don. That is one night ill definitely not forget i stayed in contact with the promoter who then got me on their next event where i warmed up for Mr Eazi, Afro B and P Monatana big up Bacardi shout me haha. 

Footpatrol: What is your approach to selecting tracks, do you plan your mixes or do you go off the crowd?

Timma: Wouldn’t really say i have a plan i mostly go off what i’m feeling, i suppose sometimes i think of two tracks that go well together or two tracks that i will be able to chop together to create a whole new track. When i comes to radio i try find new music and try to out them on the show, in the same breath music just comes and goes so fast, so what i like to do is go back and remind people of amazing music that has come out. 

Footpatrol: Can you tell us more about ‘One More Riddim?

Timma: OneMoreRiddim is a brand new record label coming out of Birmingham. It started the end of last year with the first ep being a track i made called ‘Darnce Dun’ and then entrusted that help of my friends, Gallah, Lotus, Felix Dubs, Delta, Horrickle, Robbo & Goosensei who all have made names for themselves in the scene by making amazing music. All of these guys did a remix of the riddim in their own unique style and all being from Birmingham this was the perfect way to start this Birmingham label. 

From then we’ve put out 4 more releases including releases from Demtew, Lotus, Dunman and an upcoming feature from Newbaan, we’ve got one more planned for the end of the year and then we will be in the planning stage for next year. 

We’ve also started getting into the events game, Birmingham being the second city looking at the scene and seeing there wasn’t a 140 event we knew we had to step in and make a change. 17th June we put our first event on at an amazing venue Hare and Hounds, we got arguably the king of grime Sir Spyro in for the first event alongside some amazing local talent. The event was a complete success and the feedback we received from the people that attended the event was incredible. This past weekend we put on our second event with the one and only Coki which again was massively successful. This label and event is exactly what Birmingham needs and we will continue to provide for the city we know and love. 

Our Next event will be a collab in Nottingham with label Certi records and group Anti Social Services 13th October and after that our next solo event will be at the Hare and Hounds Birmingham 30th March so we hope to see you there! 

Footpatrol: Out of all the genres you play, what is your favorite? 

Timma: Well that’s a tough one because i live and breath 140BPM first thing in the morning listening to old Sir Spyro sets, on the way to work or uni listening to Shiverz Da Butcher and then when i’m at home listening to more mellow stuff like Von D it’s always 140 but if I HAD to pick a genre it would be dubstep. Within 140 that was my first love especially the sub genre Riddim that’s what first got me into underground dubstep and still influences me today, as a  whole a feel every genre has different styles and feels within itself but i feel i connect with dubstep on a deeper level as it is so diverse and there’s a riddim out there for any moment or feeling that your having. 

Footpatrol:  We have heard you on your ‘Reprezent’ Radio show, do you have any other shows lined up?

Timma: You can catch me at OneMoreRiddim X Certi Records X Anti Social Services 13th October in Nottingham. I have also just got the next date for OneMoreRiddims next solo show in Birmingham which will be 30th March. Other then that i having got anything planned got some stuff booked in for next year but ill let that come to light closer the time. 

Footpatrol:  Are there any emerging genres that you’re particularly excited about incorporating into your sets in the future?

Timma: I wouldn’t say emerging is more re-emerging. I’m excited about Riddim dubstep being more widely accepted. This sub genre which got me into underground music was kind of a niche sound here in the UK i believe but over in the states and Europe the scene has been going crazy for years and years but now your starting to see more and more DJ’s play it in their sets and the sound is now being accepted for the art form that it is rather than people just saying it’s just a load of noise.  

Footpatrol: A question we saw you asking on social media, you can play one more song, what would it be?

Timma: I think it would have to be Von D ft PhePhe – Show Me this riddim was shown to me by my good friend Horrickle at the very start of my career and it introduced me to beautiful dubstep. I call tracks like that motorway riddims, saying that i’m starting a mix series on my Soundcloud called Motorway Riddims and it’s going to be full of riddims like this just beautiful riddims that have beautiful melodies, sounds, drums with an undertone of greeze. I love at the end of the night when you’re traveling back on the motorway and no one is speaking and no one can be bothered to be a selector. I want people to just put these mixes on and just be in the moment to just feel the music. 

Footpatrol: If you were a shoe, what shoe would you be?

Timma: This one is easy Asics Gel Lyte iii all day this is the shoe that got me into collecting, currently sitting on 18 pairs. The confort on these is crazy, just the look of it is so unique compared to everything else on the market and unlike other brands the quality is always 100%. 

Footpatrol:  We appreciate you taking the time to chat to us, are there any shoutouts or anything coming up you’d like to share with us?

Timma: I appreciate you guys shouting at me and giving me this opportunity to showcase myself. Just big up to everyone that supports me, supports OneMoreRiddim and you can catch me 13th October Nottingham and then for next year 30th March at OneMoreRiddim.

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