Frequent Players Guest Mix 037 | Shiverz

03.02.23 Frequent Players

When you think of Dubstep, the first thing that probably comes to mind is your favourite song being ruined by a crazy drop, with sounds only aliens could understand. What if we told you that there is an actual skill, craft and community within this genre that has been lost over time.

The roots of Dubstep stem from Londons very own Croydon, with the likes of Mala, Skream, Benga and Coki, to name a few, pioneering the sound. An amalgamation of Grime and Garage with a sprinkle of Jungle and Dub. This wicked combination, birthed Dubstep.

To continue sharing more of Dubsteps past, we spoke with Shiverz. A DJ that has been tantalising the dubstep scene with his technical ability on the decks and part invention of the adrenaline-fuelled chopping style. Gaining the nickname ‘Da Butcher’, Shiverz is one of a kind DJ within the Dubstep scene. Speaking with the forefather of dubstep he talked us through his life, artistry, and anything in between.

As an exclusive offering to our Frequent Player’s listeners, Shiverz hits the decks – delivering knowledge, expertise, and taking it back to the original sounds of Dubstep for you.

Footpatrol: Shiverz, pleasure to have you! How have you been?

Shiverz: I’m good thank you, you?

Footpatol: Glad to meet you in person, for any of our audience who may not know who you are, can you tell us a bit about yourself ?

Shiverz: I go by the name ‘Shiverz dabutcher’ it all started with garage and grime then moved on to dubstep. I have a certain style of mixing the kids call it chopping, I call it chopped n shelled.

Footpatrol: What are your earliest memories of music and what got you into DJing?

Shiverz: My Mum was a DJ she would always play music in the house and this is what got me into DJing was just seeing other people do it and at the time I was a mc so I thought let’s give it a try. I have been a DJ for 23 years.

Footpatrol: We know you are co founder of dubstep collective ‘monsters’, where did this idea come from?

Shiverz: In a friends bedroom we was just brainstorming and ‘Monsters’ come up, we thought it wasn’t going to work because of Monsters inc! But it did and we’re here to stay.

Footpatrol: What got you into dubstep and what are the differences in style of music depending on the country you’re playing in?

Shiverz: I was a grime kid and still am but it was Skream that gave me my 1st dose of dubstep by inviting me down to he’s birthday party at ‘Plastic People’ and from that night Iv been into dubstep. The styles are so different from each other you have

Dubstep – UK

Dubstep – deeper stuff – UK

Dubstep – riddim – EU/USA/AUS

Dubstep – brostep – USA/AUS

Footpatrol: What are the challenges faced when touring ?

Shiverz: Making sure I’m on time for your flights and making sure I have everything you need. 

Footpatrol: What has been your favorite place you’ve played?

Shiverz: There’s too many to choose from lol – BUT if I had to pick one, it would be Rampage Belgium, the biggest Dubstep, Drum and Bass event in Europe.

Footpatrol: How can you relate sneaker culture and the music scene?

Shiverz: Well as you know, people love to step out in their best outfit looking drippy and the footwear has to be on point with the outfit too, so depending on the sneakers you can always create some sort of vibe!  

FP Thanks for joining us at Footpatrol , super excited to hear your mix. Is there anything upcoming you would like to share with our audiences. . . ?

I have a few shows coming up, my birthday shellings In Belgium, headlining the 2nd day at northern invasion in Canada and got a little tour planned in April. 

Once again thank you for having me!

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