Frequent Players Guest Mix 027 | Mr Mitch

30.07.21 Frequent Players

Making waves over the last ten years, we sit down with none other than Mr Mitch who takes to the decks for episode 027 of our Frequent Players Guest Mix series.

Having recently released his third album ‘Lazy’ earlier this year, the founder of Gobstopper Records takes us on an insane journey through the genres in this latest mix with his usual detailed approach.

Take a read below where we sit down with Mr Mitch to learn more about his processes and don’t forget to hit that play button and go on the journey with us!

Footpatrol: Mr Mitch, welcome! How are we?

Mr Mitch: Hey! Yes doing well thank you.

FP: Now that things have started to open up, have you got any exciting nights outs or events planned?

Mr Mitch: Yeah definitely happy to be back in the clubs and doing shows again. Tbh Im grateful to be able to get out of the house and travel the country again. Got shows in London and Manchester this weekend that I’m really excited about.

FP: Lets pull it back to the start of your career. Where did the love for music begin for you?

Mr Mitch: Music was everywhere in my household as a kid. My mum was rarely not playing music, my dad used to play guitar and tour with Ariwa records in the 80’s and early 90’s so it’s always been there.

FP: And what about DJing and production what led you down those two paths?

Mr Mitch: My first taster of production was from a piece of software that came with some cereal when I was about 12. It wasn’t great but I loved it. I quickly moved on to some other software with a cracked copy on a floppy disk from my cousin and just never stopped creating. DJing came later but both mediums are just as important to me now.

FP: I have listened to a few of your mixes, more recently your set with DJ Mag. You play a wide array of genres within your mixes. Is that something that developed over time or is that the route you always wanted to go down with your DJing?

Mr Mitch: I’d always had an eclectic taste but it took me a while to learn how to successfully explore my taste in a DJ set, instead of playing by genres I try to find common strands within pieces of music that link together. Genres don’t really exist anyway there’s just music that makes sense to you and music that doesn’t.

FP: Tell us a bit about Boxed. Where did that begin?

Mr Mitch: Boxed was a club night that a few of us started because we wanted to create a space to push all of these mutant versions of grime that we were being sent. It somehow grew very quickly and organically and it became a home for DJ’s and producers all pushing music in strange and exciting directions. My label Gobstopper was fed producers and artists through the Boxed scene and is now a home from black electronic artists. My latest album ‘Lazy’ was released on Gobstopper.

FP: I noticed that you are signed to electronic record label Planet Mu which has a big mix of artists on there. How often are you releasing tracks these days?

Mr Mitch: Most of my music these days comes out through my own label Gobstopper. I released a bunch of singles last year during lockdown and dropped my album in March. 

FP: I loved your Resident Advisor feature that you did with your sons. Did you ever release those tracks or were they a little promo release?

Mr Mitch: We didn’t release those ones in that video but we did drop an EP that we made together ‘Songs with my sons’

FP: Have your sons taken a liking to DJing and production like you have?

Mr Mitch: Yeah my eldest is 10 and I’ve just given him my decks because he wanted to learn. I like to just keep it fun for them, no pressure. They seem to enjoy playing with hardware and just messing around.

FP: Mr Mitch. It was a real pleasure to spend some time with you. Before you head off is there anything you would like to share to the Footpatrol/Frequent Players readers and listeners?

Mr Mitch: Go and listen to Lazy, shouts to everyone who has been showing me love for it already. Hope to see you in a club soon.

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