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23.10.20 Frequent Players

Dedicating most of his life to music Addiction has seen the industry change and mold itself into many different forms. 

Having played with DnB legends such as Roni Size, Jumping Jack Frost and Groovrider. Addiction is not one to shy away from a heavy live show supplying ravers with lip curling drops that are hard to forget!

We reached out to the DnB powerhouse to discuss his music, footwear collection and also hear him throw down what’s to be the first Frequent Players exclusive Drum & Bass mix.

Footpatrol: The time has come to welcome DJ Addiction! How are you?

Addiction: Very well thank you guys…

FP: For those readers and listeners who haven’t heard you could you give us a background story about yourself and how you ended up getting to where you are now ?

Addiction: So it’s a bit of a long story but will keep it as brief as possible. I’ve always collected vinyl from a early age mainly Hip Hop and Electro to start with but as the dance music developed in to the birth of house music and a rave culture started to emerge with a ton of illegal warehouse parties the nation became hooked as did I. I then became more hooked into buying the music i was raving too at the weekends so going to all the on point london record stores like Black Market records and Section 5 on thursdays to buys all this new music that we all wanted to rave to become the new normal, at this point becoming a dj seemed to most natural thing to do, it was the best thing i’d done to date. I then hustled to buy my first set Technics 2010`s and started the long road to getting some gigs, played some great early raves alongside some wicked djs on the circuit at the time which helped me get my first agent at Grooveconnection London alongside the likes of Fabio,Grooverider, Jumping Jack Frost, Bryan G and many more. This became a game changer and fast forward to birth of Drum and Bass / Jungle I get the first London Residency @ Speed in the Mars Bar club soho ( do ya research ) a groundbreaking club that Fabio and LTJ Bukem Headed up, from there came the second regular spot @ Movement in Bar Rhumba on Shaftesbury Avenue with Bryan G and Jumping Jack Frost , Roni Size and many more. Next thing to do was to get in the studio and start making the music I became affiliated with which led to releases on Moving Shadow, Goodlooking, Creative Source and Hospital Records. The rest is history and here I am still pushing the sound both on the decks and in the studio….

FP: What drew you to Drum & Bass that made you decide this was the genre you wanted to play with?

Addiction: Good Question, initially the vibes and the tempo got me hooked, at the time its was fresh new music with no rules produced mainly by young producers in makeshift studios or bedrooms, it was music from the streets with passion, the major music industry did not have a clue what was going on and I loved that, it represented the times and the attitude of the young Producer / DJ and what the underground scene wanted.

FP: In the early days of your career, were there any DJs that influenced you?

Addiction: To be fair a few djs got me interested in the early days, Top Buzz, Grooverider, Fabio, Sasha, Carl Cox it was such a melting pot of talent playing great music it was hard not to appreciate every dj doing their thing.

FP: We are super excited to hear your mix, is there anything we should know about before we listen?

Addiction: The mix I’ve put together showcases the best of today’s dnb talent inc the likes of : Goldie, Lsides, Dogger & Mindstate , Bungle, The Sauce and of course some Carlito and Addiction exclusives that will be released in the very near future…..

FP: With the difficulties lockdown has brought to us when it comes to nights out, how have you been keeping yourself busy?

Addiction: Yes things are very difficult at the moment to say the least. I’ve been full on in the studio these days with my producing partner Carlito making sure we have enough material to release ready for when things hopefully get back to normal and I play the clubs and festivals.

FP: Being Footpatrol we have to ask the question about your shoe game! Are you much of a collector yourself?

Addiction: Yes I am to be fair, always had a passion for sneakers that started with Jordan 1, 3 and 5s but it really kicked in when I started skateboarding and Nike released the Nikesb dunks, so primarily my collection is all SB with some classic Jordans in there somewhere, last big pick ups included the Travis Scotts, just wish it was easier to pick them up these days, used to able to walk into my local and get the pair I wanted easy. I can remember I needed the then 1990 new Jordan 5 Black OG and walked into my local Nike store no queue and bought the Uk7 no hassle no drama and no raffle lol. If only I could do that now for any Nike SB dunk or Jordan 1…

FP: What got you into footwear?

Addiction: Sports mainly, played Basketball as a kid at school and then got into Skateboarding so I always wanted the latest new sneakers. The collection just grew from there really…

FP: Do you still have much of the collection now?

Addiction: Yer not too shabby, i’ve got some great deadstock SBs and Jordans.

FP: Top 3?

Im Wearing at the moment

Nike SB Mafia Low

Jordan 1 OG ” Gym Red”

Nike SB Money Cat Lows

FP: Addiction, it’s been great to meet you and speak to you. Before we let you go is there anything you want to share with the Footpatrol and Frequent Players readers?

Addiction: Yer, We are going through some trying times at the moment and things are all a bit strange and uncertain, so id just liked to say to everyone, stay positive and stay safe, I’m sure it will get better for all of us at some point…

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