Frequent Players Guest Mix 019 | High Graid

09.10.20 Frequent Players

Longtime Footpatrol friend and sneaker lover HighGraid has been making music and DJing for long enough to make himself known worldwide! Since leaving #TEAMFP, HighGraid has been working on his craft and perfecting his skills making him the body moving DJ that he has built himself up to be today.

We spent some time with HighGraid to talk about his journey, his DJing and also his music which he recently dropped back in May. Not only that we asked him to put together a hard hitting mix that will keep you your body popping throughout the weekend.

Take a read at what HighGraid had to say and listen to the next installment of the Frequent Players Guest Mix series. 

Footpatrol: Highgraid welcome! Thank you for being here with us, how are you?

Highgraid: Yes #TEAMFP! All good here – trying to stay safe and healthy!

FP: Everywhere we see your name we are always reminded about your eclectic music selection. Before we get into that though, could you give us a breakdown of your story and how your journey led you here?

H: Well, it’s quite funny actually because it all started when I used to work in Footpatrol. Most Saturday’s in the store we would be listening to mixes all day and my guy Shets would gas me up telling me to buy a little DJ controller and at that time I knew Sheebs had one as well so I thought, you know what let me grab one. Ever since then I was hooked with DJing, spent years trying to master the craft and never looked back since. 

FP: Let’s talk more about your music, now you are known for playing a mix of genres from UK Funky, Afrobeats, Hard Drum, UK Bass you name it you play it! What was it about these genres that attracted you?

H: Well, I remember back in the day my sister had this little pink JBL Cassette, CD and Radio all in one player and we would sit there and listen to a station called De Ja Vu. Then we came across a show by DJ Perempay he was playing UK Funky Bangers for like 2 hours straight, so we recorded it on a cassette tape and I remember just listening to that tape all the time, making sure my sister wouldn’t record over it (LOL!). 

After a few years of experimenting with DJ’ing and producing I kept coming back to this particular sound. I think what attracted me the most with these genres was the power they had in the drum pattern, the catchy melodies and it brought everyone onto the dance floor no matter if you knew the songs or not. 

So, I guess subconsciously it was my sister that helped me with my sound today – so shout out to Jeh! 

FP: You released some new music and an EP back in May, who were your influences growing up were there any artists or DJs that you looked up to that conraged you to want to produce?

H: Well, I already mentioned DJ Perempay and I would say DJ Oneman was a massive influence when I was starting out. I would be in awe of his technical ability and the way he would move the crowd in the direction he wants them to go. 

However, I’d say my biggest influence was my crew The Spot LDN. We are such a tight knit group and we just fed off each other’s energy. So massive shouts to Cherry B, E-Fit, Siimonster, Kiina, JUJU, Shets and Mimi! 

FP: We know also you were a part of the MMH Radio, Copenhagen family. They are known for covering the underground sounds of the Copenhagen music scene, for those people who may not know about them could tell them a bit about your involvement with the station and how it helped you solidify yourself within the underground scene?

H: Unfortunately, due to lack of funding we had to close the radio station (RIP MMHRADIO). MMHRADIO has been a part of Copenhagen’s music scene for the last 3 and a half years so it has definitely helped shape the environment and the dynamic, diversifying the outlook. For me personally, it has been a different kind of experience, putting things into perspective, accommodating growth and exposure for other DJ’s and producers, while working on my craft and navigating the scene myself. 

FP: I can imagine DJing at venues, producing music and doing a radio show has so many positives between them all. How has having all these creative outlets to showcase your sound and play the music you love help shape you?

H: I think the biggest thing I can take away from this is that I believe in myself and my product a lot more. I feel that I have more confidence in putting out the tracks and mixes a lot more than I used to. That’s why when I play out, I’m always dancing around and hyping myself up because if you don’t believe in yourself, why should others? 

FP: Highgraid it’s been a pleasure and we are super grateful for you spending time with us, before we let you go is there anything you want to get the Footpatrol and Frequent Players family excited for, or would like to share?

H: The pleasures mine! I hope you enjoy the mix that I made for you! Massive shout out to #TEAMFP crew each and every time!

Make sure you keep streaming the Give Me More EP which is out via INDEXLIFE and all major platforms and look out for the Give Me More Remix EP which I previewed some of the tracks in the mix! 

Remember that real G’s move silent like lasagna! 

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