Frequent Players Guest Mix 017 | Alisha

10.09.20 Frequent Players

Hailing from Peterborough we bring to you our latest installment within the Frequent Players Guest mix series, Alisha. 

Bringing her eclectic taste of underground house and tech house to the scene, Alisha has paved her way as both producer and DJ having worked and mixed alongside some of the biggest names within the industry. 

We sat down with Alisha to talk about her career and what its been like hosting some of the UKs first big social distancing parties. 

Footpatrol: Welcome to our Frequent Players channel Alisha! How are you?

Alisha: Hey! My pleasure, thank you for having me, I’m great thank you hope you are too. 

FP: All good this side thank you! Before we get into your music, would you be able to give our listeners and readers a bit of background around yourself and how you got into DJing?

A: Sure, i’m a DJ & Producer from Peterborough. I’ve been DJing for around 5 years now and producing for 4. I never studied music at school or college. I just always had a passion for music. One morning I woke up, brought a £30 controller from amazon and self taught myself in my bedroom for the next 6 months or so before getting my hands on some CDJ’s & the rest is history I suppose! 

FP: Let’s talk music! You are known as a hard hitting Tech-House DJ/Producer was it the plan to always get into House music?

A: Djing wise house music was always the passion from the first events and festivals I went to when I was younger. Phillip George/ Sam Divine were the first couple people I watched DJ Before going to Creamfields and seeing Heidi, Hot Since 82 etc. I’m a huge R’n’B fan I must say but as a DJ house music was definitely the route for me, it made me move like no other! I’ve learnt over the years so much about house music and what I like & vibe off. The music HAS to have a groove for me and that underground feel to it. 

FP: You also have supported acts like Richy Ahmed, Hot Since 82 and even went back to back with the legend Green Velvet! What’s it been like to be able to play alongside some of these artists?

A: Yeah pretty amazing to be honest. I never thought I’d be DJing outside of my bedroom when I first started. So as time went on and I started to be a part of these big lineups with artists that have been in the industry for decades it was very nerve-racking at first but I soon realised they’re just normal people like myself who I’ve learnt a lot from. 

FP: It must have been such a crazy feeling to go B2B with Green Velvet?

A: Very mad haha! It was still at the start of my career so it was very overwhelming. We played for 4 hours and he’s had my back since! Had me a part of his LaLa Land shows as well as signing to his record label. An amazing guy who I’m lucky enough to call my friend. 

FP: In your career so far is there anything that has stood out to be one of the most memorable experiences?

A: So many gigs & moments have stuck with me before 2020 kicked in haha. I think headlining BPM Festival’s 2019 party has to be up there. It was honestly incredible, probably one of the best sets I’ve played and still the most memorable. It was my first time going to Portugal let alone playing there and the crowd was just amazing. 

FP: Moving onto your music. Have you been producing as long as you have been DJing, which came first?

A: DJing came first for me, I wanted to build my name as a brand and get a feel for gigs and music I’d like to produce and play. So then when I did make and release music I had already built my brand and helped develop it, which luckily has gone well!

FP: How would you describe your sound when it comes to your production?

A: Energetic Grooves! That’s what I love & my sets are full of energy but with that underlying groove throughout. 

FP: I also read not so long ago you hosted your own social distancing open air event. What was that like, was that the first proper show you’ve done since lockdown?

A: I did! August Bank Holiday Sunday it was and it was truly amazing! I’ve been to a few social distanced events since lockdown was a thing and I’ve been lucky enough to play at 2 events before mine took place. I knew I wanted to get it as close to the real thing as I could with the production, sound & all the minor details. I was supposed to be doing my homecoming party in July which due to restrictions couldn’t go ahead. So I thought why not bring something to Peterborough to help with our pandemic. I’m glad to say it was a huge success and it was great to see everyone smiling and dancing again (in their social bubbles of course!) 

FP: It must have been a strange feeling hosting a social distancing party, do you think this is going to be the way forward for events?

A: To me I didn’t let that get in the way. Everything was all inline with the government guidelines with tables at 2m apart / hand sanitisers etc. It didn’t feel strange to me at all, I think with the amount of effort myself & my team put into it within 2 weeks to make sure it is done to its absolute best. I made sure I focused on everyone having a good time and of course staying safe. 

I really don’t think so and I hope this isn’t the way forward for events. I don’t like to say too much on the matter as there is a lot of negativity around the industry at the moment and for everyone. It would be great to hear some updates soon on the industry as I feel like we have been left to wonder a lot. However, I’m just very grateful that I’ve been able to hit the reset button, make loads of music, build a new studio, stay healthy and host my first party. Once we’re allowed back in the clubs it’ll be an amazing moment. 

FP: Now if you could describe your mix in 2 words, what would you say?

A: Groove, Energy 

FP: Well Alisha thank you, we are all excited to hear what you have installed for us in your mix! Before we let you go, what does the rest of 2020 have in store for you, is there anything you want to get the people excited for?

A: Thank you again for having me. I really enjoyed the mix! Yes I have an EP coming out beginning of October with a track that’s been awaiting release for a long time so i’m really excited for this one! 

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