Frequent Players Guest Mix 006 | Shy One

23.04.20 Frequent Players

Someone we’ve been watching for a while, DJ and producer Shy One has stepped up and created our next instalment for our Frequent Players Guest Mix series.

Bringing her unique taste of music to the forefront, this latest mix manages to touch most bases for everyone to enjoy.

Footpatrol: Shy One, thanks for being here and spending time with us! For all those people who may not know who you are, can you share with us a bit of your backstory? 

SHY ONE: I’m a DJ and producer originally from Harrow but based in South London. Started out in 03 playing, collecting and making grime and have since then incorporated more styles into my sets and productions. I’m just as passionate about radio as I am club DJ’ing and have held down shows on numerous stations over the last 14 years. 

FP: Jumping straight into it! You have been Djing/producing for quite a while. I read you got your first pirate radio gig at 14, how did you find yourself getting into all of this at such a young age? 

SHY ONE: That was actually a community station based in my youth club in West London but I did eventually get a show on pirate 3 years later with a mate who was the son of a singer. Our parents knew the guy who ran the station from all being musicians/DJs and my mum worked at the youth club which was also were I learned to DJ. I never went out of my way to get involved, having these musical relatives and connections meant everything as there. 

FP: Is there a genre you’ve always liked to play when you DJ or are you pretty open to everything? 

SHY ONE: I’ve gone through different phases and tried to be a more specialist DJ but I realised that’s not me, I can’t stick to one genre and so I feel like the way I play now is an amalgamation of most of my musical phases over the years. 

FP: Moving into your production side, have you been doing that for as long as you have been DJing or did you get into it further down the line in your career? 

SHY ONE: I started making beats a year after I’d learned the DJ basics so about 16 years ago. 

FP: Tough question but have you ever thought to yourself which you prefer more, Djing or Producing? I can imagine they both have their positives and negatives. 

SHY ONE: Ooooh very very hard but DJ’ing wins. I’m a fan first. Other peoples music will always mean so much more to me than my own. Cliché I know but my music is an outlet, a way for me to express myself. 

FP: Moving on to sneakers! Are you much of an enthusiast when it comes to shoes? 

SHY ONE: I used to be really into sneakers, dedicated my 18th birthday to going to NYC to visit all the shops I’d obsessed over from online cos it was a myth getting certain womens crep over here for me then. Over the years my ltitle feet and small pockets got frustrated though I still have a pretty big collection despite getting rid of at least 15 pairs recently. 

FP: Do you remember the first pair you bought with your own money? 

SHY ONE: I’m lucky to have a young steezy mum who’s into sneakers too so she kept me laced from a yute but I think my own pocket money stash might have afforded me a first pair of Huaraches. 

FP: Within your career have you seen much of a merge between footwear and music? 

SHY ONE: I think music and footwear share a history that predates my career. From artists singing about them, fans being identifiable to a particular group/scene because of them, brands using music and music using brands etc. 

FP: Little side track from shoes, I also read that you are part of BBZ, could you tell us a little bit more about what BBZ is and how you got involved? 

SHY ONE: BBZ is a curatorial and DJ collective that I was adopted into a couple years back after being booked to play. We’re a crew of queer black womxn and non binary people who prioritise the experience of LBTQIABPOC. I would do us a disservice to try and speak on more of what we do/ have done. Look us up 😉 

FP: Shy One thanks for spending time with us! Before we let you go we are asking people what they are doing during the lockdown to keep creative, active or whatever they want to do to stay productive. Have you got any inspiration for the Footpatrol followers? 

SHY ONE: My priority in this lockdown has been my own peace. I haven’t tried to force any creativity, I think it’s important to give us time to acclimatise and process what’s actually happening. Only once I gave myself time to do that have I had a desire to create. Take it slow, have a beer.

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