Frequent Players Guest Mix 005 | Catching Flies

For our latest venture into our Frequent Players Guest Mix’s, we look to none other than Catching Flies – AKA George King.

After the release of his debut album back in 2019, ‘Silver Linings’, it became perfectly known as ‘a soundtrack for summertime’. For 2020 George is set to re-release the album only this time its been reimagined by a whole range of artists including Soundbwoy Killah, DJ Seinfeld and Andhim, just to name a few.

To celebrate the launch of this latest release, we sat down with George before he took to the decks to create our next Guest Mix, creating the soundtrack to your lockdown.

Footpatrol: Welcome! Catching Flies how are you? to kick things off could you give us a bit of backstory about yourself for the Footpatrol Community?

Catching Flies: I’m good thank you… looking out my studio window and it’s sunny – and I’m listening to ‘Fruits Of The Spirit’ by Jay Electronica. I am a producer/musician… I released my debut album ‘Silver Linings’ last year and then did a lot of touring, and also did some DJ shows with Bonobo in North America. 

FP: You are also quite a diverse musician, I can imagine it must be a lot of help to be able to do a lot of instrumentals in your tracks. Is there an instrument that you would either like to learn how to play or would like to use in your music

CF: I would love to learn how to play the Harp. But it’s not really the kind of instrument you can just pick up on a whim – especially given its cost. One day maybe!

FP: What about your artwork for your EPs and albums, is this something you do as well? There are some insane graphics on some of them.

CF: I don’t do any graphics myself but usually I’ll have quite a strong idea about what I want. Then I’ll send my rough ideas to very talented graphic designers! For the Silver Linings album (and Silver Linings Remixed), I worked with Jason Vaz (from The Mannequin Collective). He is a genius… He nailed everything he did for the project, and I can’t thank him enough. He’s actually just finished designing a limited run of Catching Flies T Shirts which will announced on my Instagram ( soon – watch this space!

FP: Now you have been working full steam ahead on your Silver Linings Remixed campaign, where did the idea for this project come from?

CF: The initial idea actually came about because when we sent out the DJ/Club promos for my debut album ‘Silver Linings,’ Ron Basejam hit me up and asked for the parts to ‘New Gods’ because he’d like to try doing a remix. I’ve been really into his productions for years (especially this classic remix of White Lamp’s ‘It’s You’ – So I sent Ron the parts and he delivered a wicked remix. So I thought it’d be cool to hit up a few of my favourite artists at the moment to also do remixes. I got in touch with Jehst, Blu, Andhim, Grandbrothers, Laurence Guy and a couple of others. It’s been really fun hearing other people’s reinterpretations of my music!

FP: Now we have to talk about footwear! What your rotation like, do you have much of one or are you more of a one shoe type of guy?

CF: I tend to have a few on rotation. A pair of white Reebok classics is a staple. And a pair of the Nike Air Max 97s in ‘Smokey Mauve’ which I love. I’m finding the Nike Flyknit 2’s are great for running (I started since the lockdown!)… and they look less garish than a lot of running shoes.

FP: Catching Flies thanks for spending time with us! Before we let you go we are asking people what they are doing during the lockdown to keep creative, active or whatever they want to do to stay productive. Have you got any inspiration for the Footpatrol followers?

CF: I’m getting really into cooking. Have been using a book called ‘Bowls of Goodness’ by Nina Olsson. There’s some decent recipes in there. Trying to eat right and keep my body and mind healthy – and also make loads of music! 

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