Footpatrol x Vans Vault: Soho Since Forever Exhibition | Now Open

27.11.18 General

To celebrate our Vans VAULT collaboration, we’ve curated a unique photography exhibition that explores the history and rich heritage of the ever-changing face of Soho. Soho is our home, and influences everything we do (directly or not), so we felt celebrating the area and the people was incredibly important. Over the years Soho has changed quite drastically, however in amongst the Prets, the coffee chains and the new-build flats, the heritage of the area is still present. Soho today may look and feel different to the Soho of yesteryear, however the people and community have largely stayed the same, and that’s arguably what gives the area it’s character.

Soho is known for being an area of self-expression, whether that is expression is sartorial, artistic or something more illicit, almost anything goes around here, and people are free to be authentic. Therefore we felt it important to celebrate this community as Soho and it’s people have been a source of inspiration for us since we moved here. To do this we’ve curated a photography exhibition alongside Vans VAULT that celebrates the people, places and day-to-day aesthetic of the area.

The exhibition features work from Alex Husley, Tori Fenrec & Ollie Grove, who were each given a different theme – People, Abstract and Documentary – and sent out into the streets of Soho. The result is a body of work that we feel captures the area perfectly, with surrealist imagery grounded by portraits of Soho’s eclectic natives and more contemporary, everyday sights.

The ‘Soho Since Forever’ exhibition will be located at 59 Greek Street, London, W1D 3DZ and will be open to the public from Friday 30th November to Sunday 2nd December with a pre-launch event Thursday 29th November of which everyone is welcome!

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Photography by Alex Husley

Photography by Tori Fenrec

Photography by Ollie Grove


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