Footpatrol x PUMA Velophasis | Now Available!

For fall 23, we embrace the nostalgic vibes of the early 2000s with our latest collaboration with PUMA, focusing on the Velophasis silhouette. This latest coming together pays homage to the ‘Y2K’ fashion trend that emerged in that era, blending various styles from sleek and minimalistic to outright outlandish.

The Footpatrol x PUMA Velophasis merges futuristic design elements with a modern runner silhouette, capturing the essence of the Y2K trend. From a futuristic colour palette of metallic silver and icy blue hues, the heavy use of translucent material and squishy gel branded heel logos (inspired by the inflatable furniture craze of the late 90s/early 2000s), or the reflective under-layers beneath the air mesh panels, all elements add to the attention to detail.

To enhance the early 2000s aesthetic, we went a step further by creating visuals reminiscent of console game demo discs found in computer game print magazines (complete with nostalgic menu button sound effects). The visuals are a trip down memory lane which includes an old school menu system categorised into Metal, Gel, and Ice elements, come together with a soundtrack that transports you back in time.

Shop tehe PUMA x Footpatrol Velophasis in-store and online here!

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