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Nearing the end of our 20th year anniversary, what a year it’s been! From hosting panel talks and events, as well as adding to our eclectic catalogue of collaborations, we continue to keep our foot on the acceleration pedal to the very end, with yet another surprise up our sleeves to commemorate this special occasion…

Introducing our latest collaboration with American-born headwear brand New Era, working on an exclusive cap offering that pays sentiment to Footpatrol’s identity throughout the years. 

As the headwear originators, New Era surpasses its century landmark with innovation in mind, adhering to its high-quality manufacturing practices as well as boasting a timeless slew of designs and collaborations. We believe the brand’s strived efforts of authenticity is also something that Footpatrol takes pride in, therefore we wanted to emulate this through our latest collaboration. 

On offer, is the 9FIFTY Snapback cap that pays continuous ode to the cultural landscape of our store. Landing in a dual-toned cotton construction, doused in a relatively black and grey colour scheme. Cap details include an embroidered Footpatrol monogram logo on the crown,  signifying Footpatrol brand heritage to this otherwise muted construction.  Other adornments include a hand-drawn ‘20’ graphic in a felt design that reiterates our landmark year, further accentuated with an embroidered lamp post graphic sitting near the strap-back closure.

Other highlight details include the Footpatrol Rat mascot graphic created by Brooklyn-based designer/illustrator Dirty Dermot hallmarked on the back – culturally nodding to the vibrant streets of Soho. Completing the list of cap details are the words ‘Twenty Years Deep’ appearing on the reverse above the adjustable leather strap debossed with Footpatrol bar logo detailing, and embroidered tally graphic totaling to the number 20 indicating the anniversary year adds the finishing touches to this bespoke fit. 

To celebrate our latest project with New Era, we wanted to work on a design we could keep exclusive to Friends & Family of Footpatrol and to many of those who have supported Footpatrol over the years. We decided upon creating our iteration of New Era’s staple 59FIFTY silhouette.

The design arrives in a stealthy black colour scheme, accentuated with the Footpatrol monogram logo (designed by Kingsley Hayward). We referenced several classic Baseball monogram graphics during the design development stages of the project. Cap features include a lamppost graphic sitting next to the Footpatrol monogram on the crown. This graphic is a reference to the lamppost that is situated outside the Footpatrol London store, but also an ode to the lampposts in and around the Soho area. We’ve always wanted to have a team mascot at Footpatrol – we decided upon a rat as our mascot character as a reference to our city’s central dwellings. Footpatrol London is situated amongst alley-ways and side streets, all areas you could imagine a street rat to wander around in! The Footpatrol mascot sits proudly in embroidered construction on the left side of the cap

Just before you see the mascot patch, there is an embroidered, hand-drawn ‘20’ patch graphic signifying the anniversary year. To the right of the cap, we have Footpatrol and New Era branding in white, and at the back of the cap are the words ‘Twenty Years Deep’. The final external detail on the Footpatrol 20th Anniversary F&F 59FIFTY is the exposed top button. The Footpatrol Gasmask logo is laser-etched onto the natural colour metal finish, giving the design a very unique look.

Internal design details include an tonal embroidered tally graphic on the under peak chartered in a ‘Kelly’ green hue. The luxury satin lining graphic inside the cap features montage images taken over the last year of the Footpatrol London team.

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