Footpatrol x adidas EQT Running Support ’93 | Raffle Closed!

Besides the no-nonsense approach taken by adidas with the product design, the same vision was carried through the colour palette. With distinctive design. Came a distinctive colour palette that even in 2021 is still just as recognisable within the community. This grey, white, black and green have been used across the entirety of its range, including apparel.

At Footpatrol, when we think of equipment. We think outdoors. The preparation, the planning, the reliance on what you bring and of course the longevity of a product. Once that is taken care of you then take notice and appreciation of your surrounding area that you find yourself immersed in. 

To best tell that story, we look at the UK’s three highest mountains to supply us with the main inspiration for Footpatrol’s take on the Support 93. Studying and indulging ourselves in the different types of sedimentary strata found in each location. We discovered an abundance of beautiful yet subtle colours embedded into the terrain which naturally felt like the direction needed to produce a harmonious shoe. Fusing technical outdoor materials like TPU and rubber segment, we looked to pair that alongside additional materials such as nylons, pink meshes and soft to touch suedes. These design cues paired with more traditional components and classic outdoor colour pops to solidify the look. We wanted to create that joint vision of reliability and beauty within this design. 

As a final addition to the design of this collaborative project. We also worked on a fully embroidered Footpatrol Gasmask and EQT heel piece to create a higher quality finish and a hidden detail on the medial stripes of the midsole noting the heights of each of the 3 Great British peaks.

Knowledge is key and within the sneaker world, it has always been at the forefront. With EQTs extensive history and whilst stocks last! We will also be including an adidas EQT Consortium book that not only gives you insight into the range and its origins but also exclusive designer interviews surrounding the processes and ideas behind each collaboration. 



ONLINE raffles will now be over on the Footpatrol app, CLICK HERE to download!

To enter, you’re required to sign up via the above forms, these WON’T be available in-store to sign up on. 

To sign up to the Online raffle, you will need to download the Footpatrol Launches app and complete a pre-authorisation payment of the retail price of the product plus shipping costs. This will be held until raffle completion. Those successful will have their raffle win posted out to the address entered during sign up. Those unsuccessful will see a return of their funds, this can take up to 5 working days from when the winners have been drawn. The raffle is limited to one entry per household! Multiple entries will be cancelled!

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