Footpatrol Take Flight T-Shirt | Available Now!

08.09.20 General

Something that has always inspired us here at Footpatrol is the heritage of where streetwear and sportswear came from including 80s/early 90s sportswear brand logos/graphics.

For our latest T-Shirt collection, we brought these inspirations to the forefront for a duo that allows you to represent both our London and Paris stores.

The black tee, representing London could be mistaken for the colours known to the city with its brutalist concrete building and its often grey covered skies however it actually looks to hark back to the 90’s sports teams jersey colours that was available around those years.

For Paris, we looked at classic sportswear brand/team colours from those years and wanted to find a set of colours that defined this period.

Available in-store and online, sizes range from S-XXL, priced at £35.

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