Footpatrol Recap | HYPEFEST 2018

13.10.18 General

Last weekend we were lucky enough to fly out to New York for the first ever HYPEFEST and explore the culture that drives us and link up with some of the brands we love. On the surface the event was a way for brands to showcase new ideas and consumers to get ahead of the game, by seeing the next big thing before anyone else but it needed up being so much more.

HYPEFEST brought the streetwear and sneaker community together to celebrate fashion, music, art, food and the everything else that drives the culture. Huge names from the scene were in attendance such as Futura 2000, Jeff Staple, Hiroshi Fujiwara and many more!

By far the highlight for us was the Puma Cell Design Lab, which showcased the brands upcoming Puma Cell Endura rollout and showcased the pinnacle of their retro design. The installation featured a HYPEFEST exclusive colour-way of the Puma Cell Endura, as well as a preview of their forthcoming Cell Venom line. Aside from checking out what’s to come next from the Puma Sport Style range, we were also able to sit down with Shigeyuki Kunii, who designed the HYPEFEST exclusive Cell Endura.

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