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31.07.23 Frequent Players

A multidisciplinary artist captured by the soundscape of Western diaspora, paired with his tongue-spoken Youruba that stems back to his Nigerian roots, Demigosh is one of the few artists that continues to pave his own lane within the music landscape. With sounds that go far beyond the slinkiest of beats, exploring hard-hitting topics of intimacy, relationships, and influences of vices. 

Following the listening party, we hosted in-store for Demigosh earlier this month, the multidisciplinary artist now takes the FP hot seat, sitting down with us to discuss his aspirations behind his musical talent, background as well as unlocking the meaning behind his latest single ‘Good without’.  

Read our exclusive interview with Demigosh below! 

FP: Demigosh, great to be sat with you again following on from the listening party we hosted in the store. How are you feeling about the single launch?

Ade: Thanks for having my dude! I’m feeling really good about the launch. I’ve been sitting with the track for a long time so I’m happy to finally be able to share it with the world.

FP: Delving deeper into yourself quickly, for those who didn’t attend the listening party. Could we give a lil synopsis into who Demigosh is?

Ade: Demigosh is a multidisciplinary artist. I was born in Nigeria, raised in Ireland and currently based in London. I tend to write my music like scores to a movie, often drawing from my own lived experiences as a diasporan navigating western culture, intimate relationships, influence of vices etc. whilst trying to retain some connection to my motherland (i sometimes speak my mother tongue yoruba in my music). Before this release i would have described my sound as a cross between Spooky Black (Corbyn), Lagbaja and Vangelis’ Blade Runner Soundtrack, but now i would say my new single and what’s coming sounds like a blend of Sade, Sylvan Esso and Francis and the Light. 

FP: So as mentioned, we had you in-store putting on a performance like no other. Teasing lots of new tracks, reminiscing on some of the old ones. How did it feel, could you shake off the cobwebs? 

Ade: It felt really really good. As I mentioned before I have been living with the new tracks for ages now so being able to play it out loud for people to hear and then seeing their reaction and feedback in real time is literally priceless. I haven’t performed a solo show in almost a year now so it was a great way to kind of get back into it, and a reminder of why I love doing what I do.

FP: Talk to us about this latest single releasing next week. It seems to be in a new direction in terms of sound compared to your previous work?

Ade: Yes, Good Without is out next week and it’s definitely a completely new direction for me. Every song on the project is. Good Without captures a time in my past where I was literally going to break up before it actually happened. I retained my cinematic approach to writing so the song is like the soundtrack to that moment I realized the relationship was over. Fun fact though I didn’t end it they did but i was very ok with that lol.

FP: What gave you that momentum to shift your sound?

Ade: Um i think it was bound to happen, shifting the sound was always the plan. My previous releases helped me find my voice as a solo artist. I was able to explore sounds that influenced me the most and blend them to form a truly unique identity which allowed me to break through the noise and connect with my people. So this shift felt like a natural progression. 

FP: Will this be a new sound we can look forward to hearing more of from Demigosh?

Ade: To be honest, I’m not sure. But I’m very happy here for now. 

FP: Let’s talk about 2023 plans. Is there anything else we can look forward to from you this year?

Ade: A whole lot of music this year. I’ve got this project coming and collaborations with some really talented artists.

FP: Demigosh, it’s been a pleasure to sit with you and talk more about your upcoming works. Before we let you go is there anything you would like to say as a way of signing off?

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