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28.10.20 General

Being a stylist is no easy job! Keeping up with trends, influencers and knowing where to source the best pieces are only a small aspect of what is one of the most competitive industries within fashion. 

Having craved her way through the masses Coco has created her own name for herself having worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. With all this being said, I wanted to hear more about Coco Mells story and find out what inspired her to pursue this career path.

Take a read and find out more about Coco Mells love for fashion and also her growing shoe collection. 

Footpatrol: It’s so nice to be able to finally speak to you Coco! Before we get right into it, could you give the Footpatrol readers an introduction into who you are and what you do? 

Coco Mell: Yeah sure..hey hey folk, I’m Coco Mell and I’m a fashion stylist, content curator and creative taste maker.

FP: Working in one of the most competitive industries, what was it about being a stylist that made you want to become one?

Coco Mell: To be honest, it was a case of me kind of falling into styling as supposed me actively seeking to become one. When I was trying to pinpoint a viable career choice anything in fashion HQ’s required degrees, one of which I didn’t have. So unknowingly whilst I was working in customer facing roles I managed to organically learn to construct ways to build really strong rapports with clients through my attentive and acute customer service skills. 

FP: Did you see this career path taking off the way it has for you?

Coco Mell: I’d say 50/50, I’ve always been aware of the kind of person I am when it comes to me setting my sights and mind to do something. I’m relentless and beyond driven, but that being said I could never have predicted the people and the places my journey has taken me so far.

FP: When it comes to your friends, family and community do you find that they have helped influence your career? 

Coco Mell: Massively so! I would actually also add culture to the list, it hugely influenced my career having been born into such deep heritage and immaterial riches. This type creatively charged me, alongside that I’ve always had the support of my mum and boyfriend especially as well as a core sisterhood, who are my biggest cheerleaders giving me their solicited opinions & advice.

FP: I know you have been able to work with some huge brands within the footwear scene. When you see your work on big billboards and advertisements how does that make you feel? 

Coco Mell: The feeling is honestly indescribable, seeing your work on any scale is a hyped moment but on that magnitude is something else. It’s like knowing a little piece of me and my hard work is out there for the world to see!

FP: Did you ever have anyone you looked up within the industry when you started? 

Coco Mell: Hmm not really, well at least not anyone who looked like me anyways! I grew up in an outer London suburb where representation was scarce so anyone I was looking at that I could relate too even in the slightest were on American TV at best.

FP: Do you have a significant time in your career that you always look back to and think about how good of a moment it was? 

Coco Mell: That’s a tough one because every time I reach a milestone moment I’m fortunate enough to then get the opportunity to exceed it. I’ve actually got a couple things under lock and key right now that are all going to be special moments in their own rights, with a couple of firsts in there for me as well, so watch out for that!

FP: For any younger enthusiasts, do you have any words of wisdom you would pass on to them for encouragement? 

Coco Mell: Don’t be afraid to bask in your small wins and celebrate yourself! I feel that with everything going on nowadays we’re all guilty of neglecting ourselves and the necessary self care that comes with it. It gets lost and seems less important within our day to day, by reflecting on this it allows you to hit pause & realign yourself 360° to then be ready to set your next goal.

FP: Let’s talk about your shoes! Have you got a big collection yourself? 

Coco Mell: Biggish…it just depends on who’s counting ha. I’d say I’ve got about 250-300 give or take and lately it’s been growing at a weekly rate. So for that reason I’ve got my seasonal main rotation at home in my sneaker cupboard and the rest of the deadstock pairs that I need to be Depoping are kept in a storage space.

FP: Being a stylist do you think that has helped shape what you would buy or have there been other influences in your life? 

Coco Mell: Erm I wouldn’t say entirely only because for me I’ve always liked what I like! Whether it’s the most hyped item to the masses or it’s a drop that’s being slept on, if I want something bad enough I’m going to cop it no matter who says or thinks what. I think the main area that my job has influenced me is the exposure to so many different and unique brand offerings out here globally, which in turn I’m then able to draw inspiration from creatively.

FP: Coco it has been a pleasure meeting with you, thank you for spending some time with us! Before we let you go is there anything you would like to share with the Footpatrol followers? 

Coco Mell: Aww no worries at all! It’s been an absolute pleasure taking part in this campaign with you guys and Adidas, so thanks for having me and sharing a little bit about me/my story to date. And to the FP followers let’s not forget Black Lives Matter always…peace.✌🏾

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